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Accident Prone
GuildLogo-Accident Prone.png

"It's okay guys. I got a sleep vial. We got this!"

Guild Founder: AeoSponsor
Approx. Population: 7
Guild Master(s):
  • FilthyEarthPony
Guild Officer(s):
  • UnspokenKibbles
  • Pausert


Accident Prone is a guild focused around enjoying the gameplay and social experience that is provided by Spiral Knights. We are not a guild focused on competition or being the best ranked guild in Spiral Knights. Accident Prone is completely about making friends and mutually enjoying the game.


1. Same as Spiral Knight’s rule #1: Have Fun!

2. Be courteous to all guild members. Harassment will not be tolerated. If you are having problems with a fellow guild member report it to officer UnspokenKibbles, officer Pausert or guild master FilthyEarthPony and they will ask the guild member to stop. If the guild member is caught harassing other guild members again the guild member will face expulsion from the guild. This guild is about fun and friendship and there is no place for nastiness.

3. Selling items within the guild is prohibited. Trading items is permitted. Loans are permitted granted they are paid back promptly and are not given with interest. Any problems with unpaid loans, uneven/unfair trades, and the selling of items between guild members should be reported to Guild Master FilthyEarthPony for mediation.

4. If you wish to leave the guild at any time for any reason and do so you are more than welcome to rejoin at a later date. Inactive members may be removed to allow new members but are always welcome to rejoin as a full member if we have the space for them.


So you’d like to join Accident Prone! It’s easy, just message guild master FilthyEarthPony with the following information:




Primary language (if your first language is not English)

Tier clearance (anyone can join this is just so we can know where you can go in the game and how much help you may need)

After that you’re set! Before we accept you as a recruit you need to run a mission or two with the guild master, an officer, or a veteran so we can get to know you a little bit. Once we’ve had a chance to play with you you’ll be added as a recruit and on your way to becoming a member of Accident Prone.

Guidelines for Rank

Here is how the guild ranks are classified in Accident Prone and how you rank up in the guild.

Recruit: To gain this rank you just have to message FilthyEarthPony and run a mission or two with seinor members of the guild. Once you are a recruit you can join in the guild chat and raid with members of the guild.

Member: To become a member of Accident Prone you only need to be active in the guild for a few weeks. Members should actively participate in raids and guild chat. This doesn’t mean that you need to raid with us exclusively or every night, you just need to show that you are willing to participate in the community.

Veteran: To become a veteran member you have to be active within the guild, have been a member for a decent amount of time and shown a willingness to raid with new recruits and help out. As a veteran you will be asked to raid with new recruits to welcome them into the guild. If you are a current and active member of the guild in good standing send a message to the guild master and a decision for promotion will be made based on your merits as a member of the guild.

Officer: To become an officer you have to have shown leadership skills as a veteran that warrant your being put in charge of other guild members. If you are an officer you will be expected to mediate between players if the need arises. As an officer you must be willing to make time for new recruits, be willing to recruit for the guild, and go out of your way to make new recruits feel comfortable and part of the community. To apply to be an officer you must send a message to FilthyEarthPony and your promotion will be discussed between the officers. The only difference between veteran and officer is that an officer is expected to take part in administrative tasks within the guild.

Guild Master: The current guild master, FilthyEarthPony, inherited this guild when many of the members and old guild masters went inactive. If it becomes necessary to replace FilthyEarthPony or add an additional guild master a conference and vote will be held amongst all members of the guild (member-officers may vote, all ranks may discuss) to find a suitable replacement or addition. All opinions will be taken into consideration.

Current Active Members

As this guild was inherited by FilthyEarthPony it currently contains many inactive members. Here is a list of active members with ranks.

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