Advent Children (Guild)

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Advent Children
GuildLogo-Advent Children.jpeg

Vene mi fili, hic veni da mihi mortem iterum.

Guild Founder: Isekuube
Approx. Population: Dead
Guild Master(s):
  • Isekuube
  • Bhut-Jolokia
Guild Officer(s):
  • Ecmanl

About Advent Children

Isekuube created Advent Children on May 28th 2012. Advent Children is a relatively new guild that consists of mature*, friendly, and active tier three knights that are sole on fun and power. The sole purpose of this guild is to have an elite guild with members who want fun and organization in a guild. We do not discriminate or judge, if it's just not toleratable and you will be removed from the guild if you do. In this guild, Guild Chat is highly respected and used everyday. You may notice the Final Fantasy VII reference in the guild name that has nothing to do with it. I just liked the name and am a fan of Final Fantasy VII. Unfortunately due to Ise's computer having a nervous break down for like, a year, he was unable to do anything about the guild falling apart. To this day it brings tears to his eyes. Hopefully one day, the Advent Children may rise again.

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