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Aegis Team
GuildLogo-Aegis Team.png

This is Aegis Team!

Guild Founder: Chrizmaniac and Spongerino
Approx. Population: 70ish
Guild Master(s):
  • Chrizmaniac (Maniac or Chriz) [Administration Director]
  • Hitranger (Candy) [Defense Director]
  • Spongerino (Hamster) [Lockdown Director]
Guild Officer(s):
  • Empty [Public Relations]
  • Dknightt (DK) [Lockdown Officer]
  • Nagadontjump (Naga) [Internal Defense]
  • Sheildon(Shield) [Just an Officer]
  • Empty [External Affairs]
  • Rbmanatee (Mana) [Treasurer]
  • Mitnet(Mittens) (Fill in Event Coordinator)

About Us

Upon first sight, Spiral Knights believe we are named after the famous "Aegis" shield. However, this is not the case, because we are not named after a virtual item, but a mythological shield worn by Athena. Now, the more modern concept of doing something "under someone's aegis" means doing something under the protection of a powerful, knowledgeable, or benevolent source.

Our name "Aegis Team" therefore means that we protect using knowledge and power.

We are a casual guild, dedicated to having fun, socializing, and making friends! We accept knights of all tiers and skill levels!

Recruitment thread:


Theme Song and Official Emblem

Aegis Team Gallery

The images in these subsections give you a glimpse of what it is like in Aegis Team.

To Join

To join Aegis Team, you will have to complete five simple steps!

1. Watch our official trailers. Please watch this in 1080HD and fullscreen for maximum effect. (Promotional video) TINYURL:

2. Contact one of the guild master or officers. If you do not get a quicker reply, contact as many of our officers as you can.

3. A guild master or officer will have an interview with you.

4. A guild master or officer will bring you to the Clockworks for one depth for a diagnostic test.

5. Upon successful completion of the depth, the guild master or officer will brief you on your performance.

Things to Consider Before Joining

  • We don't like "guild hoppers". If you are joining just to leave later, it will be better if you do not join at all.
  • Think up of a nickname for yourself. It is compulsory for every Aegis Team member to have a nickname.
  • We're not a "hardcore" guild. Aegis Team emphasizes fun and friendship.
  • We accept "alternate" accounts, as long as you stay active with it and tell us your main account.
  • Most of our members are based in North America, so if you live on the other side of the world and want to join, most of our members may be still asleep.
  • If you are not online for a month, you may be kicked out of Aegis Team (There are a few exceptions). If you happen to be be kicked but want to rejoin, mail one of our guild masters or officers for a re-invite.
  • We WILL NOT tolerate disrespect to any guild members in any way, shape, or form. Doing so will lead to consequences based on the magnitude of the act.

Team Members

Have Fun

Aegis Team believes in fun and friendship. We ask fellow guild members to join clockwork runs, have random (often weird) conversations, set up lockdown matches, crack jokes, troll around in Haven, and even do a bit of poetry! Enjoy your time and play nice!


Aegis Team is a guild that loves playing Lockdown, the PvP game where players capture bases belonging to the other team. In addition to random team lockdown we play guild versus guild Lockdown occasionally. If you like Lockdown, this is an ideal guild for you. One of our guild masters, Spongerino (Hamster), LOVES to play Lockdown. If you don't see him doing runs, you will see him playing Lockdown. To learn more about our involvement with Lockdown, contact Spongerino in-game.

Aegis Team Talent

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