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From The Beginning To The End, Shall We Go!

Guild Founder: Wookr & SyncStelar
Approx. Population: It's there.
Guild Master(s):
  • Wookr/Aevonix (Wookr)
  • ShinkaisenStelar/Zitako (SyncStelar)
Guild Officer(s):
  • Miku-Droid

Guild Summary

We were made by a duo that have been friends throughout games. The duo known as Wookr and SyncStelar named the guild Aeonia derived from the word Aeon which means Life and Eternity. Hard work and sweat have been put into creating the guild and we bring good news to all players (No, completely irrelevant to Jehovah Witnesses). The name was first used in a server in Minecraft where there was a Faction Plugin AKA Runecrafters, now known as RuneTechCraft.


We are currently inviting any players. If you want to request for to join the guild, please message the guildmasters or officers. There is no condition to joining except for having fun! You can be inactive forever and still be in the guild if you know either guildmasters personally!


We usually go and practice in missions like The Sovereign Slime (Since we're not that strong yet). Most of the time we would go for arcade or prestige missions (Since we're free from Mist Energy limits! :D).

Guild Rules

  • 1.Do not partake in any activity in-game that might bring our guild name into disrepute. Such activities include scamming, spamming, trolling, bullying, harassing or otherwise irritating other players (note sending numerous unsolicited trade-requests also counts in this category).
  • 2.Although we encourage our members to help one-another in game, do not expect as a given that you will automatically be provided with items, energy, crowns or time from other guild members – It is entirely at each individual member's decision whether or not to give these things. As a general rule-of-thumb, the more you put in to the guild, the more others begin to recognize your efforts and are willing to help you when needed.
  • 3.Do not harass other guild members for invites while they are on runs – One request is enough, more than this can be off-putting. 'If' you receive a reply from a player stating that they do not wish to invite you to their party, do not then proceed to then say, "please/pl0x/plz/pls" or any other derivative; ask "Why?"; start giving reasons for why you feel you should be invited, e.g. "I am really good at [Stratum theme/Boss name]" or, "I just need another 2K crowns to buy this new weapon". Just take the answer as "No" and respect your guildmate's wishes.
  • 4.When on a run or PvP, do not repeatedly invite other guild members. One invite is enough. More than this is considered spamming. In a similar vein to rule 3, if a guild member does not join from your invite, you must accept the fact and move on without harassing them.

Guild Ranks

  • Recruit: These are players who have been recently recruited into the guild on a probationary trial basis. It's likely to only be for 3 seconds.
  • Member: These are players who are new-ish to the guild and does not know the guild masters well.
  • Veteran: This position is reserved for very long standing members of the guild. Veterans will be experienced and highly knowledgeable about the game, reliable and suitable role-models for members and recruits.
  • Officer: Only people who have known the guild masters well enough will be officers. The guild masters will decide whether he/she are eligible to be an officer.
  • Guild Master: The guild masters (GM's) are the original founders of Aeonia. There are only two people involved as GMs which is Wookr/Aevonix (Wookr) and ShinkaisenStelar/Zitako (SyncStelar). No other guild master will be appointed unless 'Wookr' and 'SyncStelar' have made an agreement.

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