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Life and Eternity

Guild Founder: Skybrandon
Approx. Population: 240-250 (250 max)

NOTE: Aeons derives from Aeon meaning Life and Eternity

This Wiki Page Is Brought To You By: Pycossis

About Us

Aeons is an active guild in the world of Cradle. We enjoy spending our time in both clockworks and lockdown. We do not limit ourselves to hardcore pro players as you may have noticed some of those in-guild. We like to promote friendship and competitiveness in the Spiral Knights community.

Active has been known to have very active members [Regularly have from 25-50 members online] and fun socializing in guild chat. We may have some immaturity in the chat but please keep it PG-13!

Visit Guild website at:



  • At the moment, Aeons possesses a great amount of skilled swordsmen, gunners, and bombers.
  • It has reached the max of 250 members thanks to a couple of guild merges =)
  • Check out our recruitment forums in

In-House Clan Wars

This is a fun event. We frequently have over 30 on, so we figured we'd make use of that. [Mostly we have willing members] We regularly choose team captains - Try to keep it balanced - captains will choose up to 5 players for a team. The event starts through the use of alt guilds [Rigorous, Entity, Ultra, Old School, etc]. When two guilds[alt or main] are available, we commence in-house GvG (online guildies will be spectating if they are not in one of the 2 clans).


Each win will count for 3 points, each loss counting for 1. In the end, the prize will be decided by GMs and officers.

(Sore losers or winners will be disqualified ;D)


Guildies who are seen constantly asking for promotions will either be demoted, or kicked from the guild, depending on the situation. We will have little tolerance for this behaviour. The ranking will be simple. (Each capture counting as 500 dmg)

Member = Help with guild events, guild upkeep, and be friendly. Must be in Aeons for at least 5 days.


Veteran = 25k damage. Average 18k+ damage.


Veteran = 16k damage. Average 10k+ damage.


Veteran = Frequently getting your team 8 or more captures. Average 7+ caps.

Officer = When you get nominated by a GM or officer, the GMs will have a council about it and decide whether you pass or not.

Guild Master = Rare occassion. GMs might nominate one depending on particular situations.

*PvE players will achieve veteran after spending a considerable amount of time in guild, helping guildies in runs, and simply socializing with their guildmates.

Guild Rules

1. Be intelligent -- Ask questions to gain understanding; better to ask and learn than to not ask and never know.

2. Be mature -- Act in a respectful and civil manner towards guild mates and towards others.

3. Look forward -- Do not despair over a loss; instead, focus on analyzing it to better understand and improve your gameplay. Remember, always say "good game."

4. Lift others up -- Encourage and motivate your guild mates -- do not assign blame for losses and liberally share credit for victories. Do not criticize, instead offer suggestions as to how to improve.

5. Communicate -- If you have an idea for a strategy, say it. Don't assume others know something if you have never told them. Make sure everyone is on the same page before attempting a strategy. Be creative in strategizing and disciplined in execution.

6. Be friendly -- Be a nice person. Be helpful. Offer advice and support to your fellow guildmates. Help each other out.

7. Have fun -- Enjoy yourself. If you're playing a game, you should be having fun. This is not a job, this is a game. This is not saying that you should goof off while everyone else is focused on winning the battle; rather, it is to say that you should be having fun being focused on winning the battle.

Simple. No spamming in guild chat, whether it's to sell, buy, TROLL, etc. An officer or guild master will tell you to stop, and if you refuse, you will be either demoted or kicked.

Lockdown Rules

No, we're not going to kick you for having a bad game XD.

1. OBEY ORDERS -- Be attentive to your chat box, because as soon as the game starts, an officer or GM leading the team will be shouting out orders, and as a guild member it is your duty to obey them. If you're told to go to say "point 2," do not stop on the way to fight - go straight to your destination and defend it.

2. CAPTURE -- Here in Aeons, we have little tolerance for "damage hogs." Unless you've been ordered to base camp, you should be capturing along with your other guild members.

3. SPORTSMANSHIP -- No matter how mad you are, how annoyed you are, be it from opponent spam or your teammates not doing well, always say good game. Do not waste your time spitting insults at your opponent, but instead take the time to think "How can I help my team do better next time?"


To get into the guild, you must contact one of our officers or guild masters. If you can't find them online, just send mail with an application and we'll respond to test you whenever we can.


1. What gear star level are you?

2. What type of player are you [PvE/PvP]

3. If PvP, what class do you play? [May be more than one]

4. What was your previous guild? Why'd you leave?

5. What is your IGN?

6. Why do you want to join Aeons?

7. How active are you?

8. Are you fun/playful/talkative?

9. Can you take a joke? [i.e somebody *cough* Pycossis, says you're an idiot when you forget to play again]

10. What is the super secret password that Fodow's hidden in a super secret place that nobody would ever think of looking?

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