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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Guild Founder: Gorman
Approx. Population: 10

About The Guild

Akatsukhi! Full of good, fun, crazy people. We are quick to jump to the aid of our guildmates. Anyone asks for help, we're there. More and more solid members join our ranks almost every day! We do not tolerate beggars, braggers, or inactives. Just have fun with the game in this guild, don't take it too seriously, we don't want civil war breaking out! ~Guild Master Gorman

We welcome you to Akatsukhi with open arms!!

Rules and Regulations

1. First and Formost, Talk in guild chat, seriously, a dead chat leads to a dead guild!

2. Please donate whenever possible, there's no set amount, no requirements, we just ask that you do.

3. No bragging, begging, whining, or arguing. Nobody likes these types of people

4. The guild storage is not a free bank unless you absolutely need something. otherwise: 1* Material = 1 Crown, 2* Material = 5 Crowns, 3* Material = 10 Crowns, 4* Material = 25 Crowns and 5* Material = 150 Crowns. Recipies are however much they were bought for in the first place, 1* = 250 Crowns, 2* = 1,000 Crowns, 3* = 4,000 Crowns, 4* = 10,000 Crowns, 5* = 25,000 Crowns. Costumes are all 3,000 Crowns. Accessories (depending on their rarity) range from 1,000-10,000 Crowns. If you don't have the money/Crowns, trade something of equal value.

5. Activeness is important, were rather lenient on inactivity and usually give up to a month, two weeks and you get demoted down to recruit. If you become active again in the time period, your rank will be restored if you have a good explanation.

6. Help those in need. But don't force yourself. Only help them if it comes from the heart and if you have time and are willing to do it.

7. If you're in a party, never abandon your team mates! Always support them in battle. It's not that easy to leave them alone so only leave or abandon them if you are on a critical state and have no choice but to do so. Always remember teammates are better than money.

Guild Members

Guild Promotions

Recruit: Inactives soon to be removed.

Member: Automatically ranked as you come into the guild.

Veteran: Must pass a Guild Master/Officer-made test to become this rank, different Testers passing standards (and tests) may vary.

Officer: No openings for this one currently, if any of the Guild Masters see you fit to become one, then you have a high chance, or be voted in by guild mates. Other than that, be patient.

Guild Masters: Patience is seriously a virtue if you ever want this position. If the Guild Masters feel like you deserve it, you will have it.

News Board

Okay everybody. This has been a depressing time. We had it going good. Then we kinda dropped. Anyway, i want to see a lot more donations happening. If your still a pretty low rank (Apprentice-Knight), you don't have to, I understand how hard it is to get money. The rest of you however, even just 200 Crowns daily would be great!

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