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Yay! Me (Duckbeak) and Heartbroken built a website for All Pro. It's still under construction so please help us edit it in your spare time. Many things from the guildpage is being relocated to the website. We will still have both for the people but please check it out and join All Pro! Have fun on it! Click here

All Pro
GuildLogo-All Pro.jpg

Who are we? ALL PRO!

Guild Founder: Xxyxx
Approx. Population: 70+
Guild Master(s):
  • Xxyxx (retired)
  • Awesomenesse
  • Bro-Mosses
  • Boxinsoxs
  • Chanidu
  • Chayagirl - retired
  • Duckbeak - retired
  • Grummpy-Jr
  • Grummpys-Stupd-Alt
  • Heartbrokenagain - semi-retired
  • Maialenchu
  • Notata
  • Yicyic
Guild Officer(s):
  • Bsms
  • Cold-Mountian
  • Immahooker
  • Iove-Chocolate
  • Klimmers
  • Maccaroni-Face

About Us

We are a new (and old) Blast Network Guild. We have had a VERY rough past. . . But we're back better than ever! We are actually older than the very famous BN guild, Machinists. And we have a few veterans from the very first BN guild, the legendary Blast Bomb Squad! Well, our goal? To beat any BN guild (or not) that stands in front of us in the leader boards, and of course; keep BN alive!

Guild Rules

We don't like being too much of a cage, but. . . Without some rules, this guild would be out of control.

  • Never use sticky bomb (a glitch. . . or not that sticks a person to your bomb while you are on your bomb)

If you are seen using this glitch by a guild member you will be warned, and demoted, if used by accident.

  • Log on at least once a week; If not able to log on inform GM or so.

GM[s] - Must tell another person and or guildmate[s].

Officer[s] - Let at least 2 other officer, or 1 Senior officer. Also could tell a GM. Has 4 - 5 weeks before removed. [Unless told an officer and or GM]

Veteran[s] - Same as officer ^ - Has 3 weeks before removed [unless told an officer and or GM].

Member[s] - Must tell an officer/GM. Has 2 weeks before removed [unless told an officer and or GM].

Recruit[s] - Will be removed if he/she/what you are, has not logged on for the time said. [Unless told an officer and or GM]

  • Never beg for crowns, energy etc.
  • (To you Officers out there) You are not allowed to promote anyone without the permission of a Guild Master or a Senior Officer (Heartbrokenagain, Klimmers and Maccaroni-Face)
  • Do not invite anyone to the guild, without the permission of the whole guild/GM and Senior Officer.
  • Try and not kill AFK players in a BN (Blast Network - Coliseum) game.
  • Try not to spawn kill.
  • Don't make a kamikaze or terrorist bombing a habit. (Protip for new BN players: those two bombs are suicidal bombs)
  • Donate (CR) when you can.

And last but not least:

  • Never ask for a promotion!
  • Must be 3*+ to be an Veteran. Must be 4* - 5* to be an Officer. 5* only, unless other GM said so.

Application/How to join!

  • Mail a list of things that you do, and if you are inactive most of the time and or active - to [Senior] Officer[s]/GM[s]

Also tell WHY you want to join us.

  • A close friend/old member of a member


  • Help the guild when needed!
  • If a GM or Officer tells you to do something, then you had better do it!
  • Have fun! If you're not having fun, then there is no use to play.
  • Stay in the guild for some time

PS: Promotions will not be given when person - DOES NOT:

  • Be Nice to Lower Ranks
  • Follow Rules
  • Tell GM or SO when they are inactive


You shall get demoted if any rules are broken.

  • Never, EVER, ask for a promotion! If you do, you will most likely get the opposite (A.K.A. demotion)

But you can ask how to... Or just read the Promotion tab...

  • Be nice to everyone in the guild! No cursing and being mean to your guild-mates ,or you might get demoted!
  • Never force someone to become an All-Pro-Person; Unless thay ask >:D [Going to leave it at "thay" for one of our old GM - Urhorse]
  • Don't tell a SO (Senior Officer) or GM if you change the guild hall or buy anything (To you Veterans and Officers out there)
  • (In Rules) No invition without permission/The person you are asking must be okay with it in order to send an invitation.

When demoted you will be sent to another Rank for some time (Sorry)

Player that was demoted can get back to his/her/what you are - rank by doing good deeds for the guild/guildmate[s]

About Guild Masters

All of our Guild Masters (GM) are all responsible. Every member of the guild can look up to them and ask them for help.

You should...

  • Never be shy to ask for help
  • Never be mean to GM
  • Never be rude to GM

And remember we are always there to help!

[More to this part coming.]

About Officers

Our officers are like our mini GM's. They watch the guild when GM's are busy and/or not online. Even though they aren't as high as GM's they are just as powerful and responsible.

So watch your tongue around officers... Since our GM's are more kind to rule breaking.

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