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Almirian Overlords
GuildLogo-Almirian Overlords.png

We want to kick some Almirian butt!

Guild Founder: Syedumer
Approx. Population: 90+
Guild Master(s):
  • Mukul (Supreme GM)
  • Syedumer (2nd highest GM)
  • Moltif (3rd highest GM)
  • Mexicanoking
  • Naksk
  • Praveenrds
  • Roipoi
Guild Officer(s):
  • Arnavleonardo
  • Blazingprodigy
  • Bolt-the-first
  • Pure-flame
  • Gunnerhell

This is the official wiki page for the guild Almirian Overlords!

Objectives needed to achieve for this guild to be one of the majors

15 population: Wiki page

20 population: Monthly challenges with rewards in ce!

25 population: Guild LD

50 population: Guild will be out of beta stages!

Icon-help.png History(How this guild was made)

After syedumer(commonly called dum) left the guild "We hate wolvers" to join the guild "Traders Union" where he met his best future friends Mukul, his little brother Naksk, Shayank(left) and Shayank's best pal Moltif. They all where pros and accepted each other as friends. However the creator of the guild "Traders Union" had stopped playing the game and left the guild in the hands of SK user Vrishabh to handle the guild. At first he was good and promoted Mukul to rank GM but then he turned evil and demoted Mukul to veteran and also left the game. The guild was then GM-less. Syedumer decided to create a new guild, a guild that will be fair and good and will not let this thing happen again. Along with Mukul and Shayank(left)(The main and only benefactors of the guild), The guild "Almirian Overlords" was born after a long hard discussion to decide the name. Blazingprodigy soon joined them, and added a bit of humor into the gang!

Icon-help.png About our Guild

We are a group of knights who daily play Spiral Knights and are daily FSC runners. We do many contests, and relax a lot! We will help anyone in the guild whether its financial help, in which we will give loans, or mission/boss help, in which we will neglect our FSC runs to help you progress through this game. We will establish our Lock Down team as soon as we have a good population in our guild and there are a majority of 5*s in the guild. We will do daily FSC runs in which even our lowest geared knights can participate so that they can have a good income of crowns and they may get better gear.

Icon-mail.png Recruitment

The guild is happy to recruit players from 3* to 5*. Anyone less then 3* cannot be recruited but should be added as a friend so that once he/she gets 3* gear he can be recruited.

Icon-gear.png Guild Ranks

These guild ranking rules should be followed strictly by each and every one of the guild members. The stars shown below represent the star of armor you need to be of that rank. To get to a specific rank player must have its according Armour, Helmet, Shield and Weapon.

  • Promoted after joining guild --- Demoted from member if inactive and then kicked
  • Upkeep Payment: 3,000 ★★★ gear. The default rank of the Guild!
  • Upkeep Payment: 5,000 Solo RT, or solo JK with 2 deaths! (Any difficulty)
  • Upkeep Payment: 7,000 Solo of vana with only 1 revive(Elite difficulty)/ Be loyal to guild
Guild Master
  • Upkeep Payment : 10,000 --- Rarely chosen, must be observed by supreme GM Mukul.

Icon-settings.png Guild Rules

These are the ethical principals of this guild(Sorry our guild liberator asked to add these lines). Anyone who chooses not to obey them will be warned from time to time and if the person does not listen, he/she will be demoted or removed from the guild depending on the seriousness of the rule broken.
  • Do not beg or whine for anything
  • Do not spam or scam(Idk whats the difference...)
  • Try to refrain from swearing in front of guild members. However no one should mind it if you do.
  • Try to be a socialite and be friendly to knights of all guilds and all ranks.
  • RESPECT everybody!

Icon-social.png Members

Icon-gear.png Instructors

  • LD Instructor: Mukul
  • Boss/mission helper/instructor: Moltif
  • Financial Helper/Loan giver: ?
  • Gear helper: All GMs and Officers
  • Master of Advertisement: Blazingprodigy

Icon-mail text.png Editor

  • Editor of this page: m1234d(Blazingprodigy's SK account). Anyone wishing to contribute to this page must first ask permission from Blazingprodigy. Guild members can also mail there ideas to the person mentioned above if they want to make contributions indirectly.
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