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Guild Alpha Wolfs

Guild: Alpha Wolfs

guild made by robertbuetner

Guild Rules

1. please have age appropriate conversations over guild chat

2. No spamming in guild chat

3. No messing around with guild member ranks


This is our first official guild event that involves another guild. Our guild and Reflex will engage in a competition for 30k CR to the winning guild's treasury.

Each guild selects a team and those teams will compete to see who can get the furthest into the clockworks. A team loses if all of the members (excluding an officer from the enemy guild) die. NO energy reviving allowed and you must sign up to participate.

We may have officers from our guild as well as guild masters participate in this event since Alpha Wolfs is a smaller guild than Reflex.

Signups will start on June 3rd and the event will happen on June 10th.

All registrations must have the following:

1. name of the guild you wish to represent

2. Availability (will you be there on June 10th?)

3. Whether you want to be a backup knight or a lead knight.

4. 1k CR (this may go towards the prize that the winning guild gets)

All signups will be mailed to Grand-Cactaur. Please register and lets make this competition great.

Guild Lotto

The guild lotto has just been set up as of 5/28/13. The username for the lotto knight is Alpha-Lotto. To enter you simply mail 1000 CR to Alpha-Lotto and you will be entered. The winner will be announced every Friday.


Just mail the CE you would usually use to craft any item, 3* at the most, to Mariothane and he will make it for you. Only possible with items that actually have a recipe.

Guild Meetings

Next upcoming guild meeting is on: N/A

Goals for Guild

NOT BE POOR!!!!We can't even afford 2 weeks worth of upkeep at this point. Any donations AT ALL would be appreciated.

Author of Guild Wiki: Grand-Cactaur

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