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United We Rise, Divided We Fall.

Guild Founder: Gilz
Approx. Population: 200+
Guild Master(s):
  • Runs-Around-Haven (Head Guild Master)
  • Xenon-Sntax
  • Lullzy
  • Colophon

Altosk Steam Group


Altosk is a fun loving guild that loves to help its fellow members and just have a good time! It's a guild that specializes in helping each other. If you need help with a mission or you just wanna run down through the clockworks, ask anyone in the guild to join you and you'll be met with many replies. So stop on by and check them out! Altosk is always looking for fun new members to join their ranks!


Altosk was founded by Gilz on November 3rd, 2012. The guild's original members were friends of Gilz and admired his idea to create a guild in which anyone would be allowed to join and would never be turned away simply for being a "noob". Altosk was founded on the principles that the more experienced players should be there to help the new ones and that a guild should be like your second family. To this day, the guild still follows those ideals, but on a much larger scale. From the 10-20 members it originally started with, Altosk now boasts a membership of 200+ at all times. The guild never acquired the fame of other, more pvp based, guilds, but it has still made quite an impact on the Spiral Knights community as a guild that no one can hate or complain about.


There aren't many. Altosk is really a guild that takes almost anyone who wants to be in a guild. The only thing you really have to do is prove yourself to be a loyal guild member by doing some of the following:

  • You have to be active. Over 2 months of inactivity (with no prior warning of a REASON for said inactivity) will result in expulsion from the guild.
  • Be kind and don't insult other members. This can't be stressed enough as Altosk does not tolerate belittling other members. Of course a little joking is OK, but you need to know when too far is TOO FAR! If any of the officers or Guild Masters hear about any bullying or harassment, they will not hesitate to kick said bully.
  • And Finally, NO BEGGING! The members of this guild will always HELP you to get what you want, but we will never GIVE it to you! Earning something only makes it that much more valuable!


Now here is a quick summary of how the ranks work!

Recruit - You get invited....pretty simple really.

Member - Also simple! Participate and contribute to the guild's community by talking in guild chat, donating to the Treasury, or participating in events! Altosk Steam Group

Veteran - A Veteran is someone who does all of the things a member does and more; they have shown loyalty to the guild and shown themselves to be a true Altoskian. To become a Veteran, one must be nominated (usually of Knight or plus ranking) by an Officer or Guild Master, and then the Guild Masters will vote and come to a decision.

Officer - This rank shows how much trust one has earned in the guild. If you've earned the rank of Officer it means you are now a role model in the guild. Officers represent the members of Altosk who most accurately depict the ideals and values that Altosk stands for. To become an Officer, one must be nominated by a current Officers. The Officers and Guild Masters will then vote and come to a decision.

Guild Master - Altosk is looking for leadership. Someone who is kind, but not afraid to be strict when the time comes. A GM must be able to operate on their own and (after a certain period of time of course) should not require any of the head GM's advice or instructions on non-important matters. You must be well loved in the guild and well trusted as well. The GM rank is only given by Gilz or the Head Guild Master. No one else can award you this rank so don't go begging another GM for it as they'll just say no. This rank is not awarded to those who want it, it is awarded to those who can handle it.

Altosk's Motto

Together, we Rise. Divided, we Fall. The motto represents what they're all about. Altosk is all about working together. No matter what you face in the clockworks or in life, Altosk will be there to listen, or help you kick monster butt. The only way this guild will work is if we all work together, so that being said, the more divided we become, the quicker the guild will fall. Hence, "Divided we Fall." We of Altosk will always help you overcome any obstacle because you are one of us, and together we will get stronger. "Together, we rise."


The Guild - This guild is extremely active. It reaches people from the West Coast to the East Coast and also has people from Europe and etc. There are so many time zones involved that there is usually at least one or two people on at all times. This guild is really open-minded and will not shrug off any calls for help. The guild has also grown beyond the confines of Spiral Knights and is on its way to becoming a full-fledged gaming community! Altosk is now mostly Discord oriented, and branches into multiple games. If you'd like to check out the Altosk Discord server, please check out the link on the Steam Group page!

Expectations - You are expected to be an active member, which means after 2 months or more of inactivity, you will most likely be kicked from the guild. It's nothing personal, you can simply send mail to one of the current GM's and they will add you back right away! If you are not a recruit and you've been inactive for that same period of time, you will not be kicked, but more likely your rank will be downgraded, but this too can be fixed with a simple letter.

Rules - You can donate millions to the treasury, be the most skilled Vanguard, and be the most active knight, but when it comes to your rank, nothing impacts you more than your language and attitude. If someone needs help, be a pal and help, or politely decline. If someone cannot help you in a mission, do not take it personally. If someone asks you a question, do not make fun of them for not knowing something. As a member of this guild, you are expected to be nondiscriminatory, kind, understanding, and helpful, even if you don't know a lot about the game. Kindness can go a long way, and that's what affects your ranking in this guild the most.

Memorable Guild Masters

  • Racist-Tanuki
  • Xenon-Sntax
  • Micos
  • Amphyy
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