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Amazing Moments
GuildLogo-Amazing Moments.png

Guild In Which Amazing Moments Happens

Guild Founder: Mixiukazz
Approx. Population: 97
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):

Blackwoods, Daggerjezus, Captinthe, Yakuzaxpl, Nonamedmatter, Drsmiley, Flash-Havock, Duskfyre, Graruk, Konzii, Alzheimer, Aimforfame, Naxus-Sempai, Staslev

A Short History About Our Guild

The guild with such a name as Amazing Moments had appeared in July 3rd, 2011 when its owner had 3* gear and had collected the required CE for it. It Wasn't easy to find a nice, good name for it, but the Guild Master is a big fan of basketball, especially NBA, so he decided, that guild will be named Amazing Moments. This phrase is from NBA "Where Amazing Happens", which the guilds founder likes. The guild Amazing Moments had reached population of 99 members 3 times. In the beginning of the first era (when the first time population was 99) members of the guild were random people, from different time zones and countries. In winter (2011-2012) Guild Master Mix decided to have a rest from Spiral Knights, but when he returned back in the spring of 2012, almost everyone was offline for months. In the 2nd era of this guild, had only polish players. Because the owner is polish, he decided that the guild must have only polish members, no "random members" like was before. But it was again a fail. Because a lot of our members went to other polish guilds, which are more popular than ours was and those guilds had more polish names. One of those guilds is now the most popular polish guild (I won't tell its name, because I don't want to advertise it. This page is about Amazing Moments guild). The 3rd era will be called rebuilding. 4 fun, or again return to the "random" style. It started not so long ago, couple days ago (Jul 13 2013), because Guild Master Mix was bored and decided that he can try again to build a guild with 99 random people for fun and try to help them somehow in this game and to have Amazing Moments together. The main reason why this guild has lost its members many times is, that they left it (didn't help make it more popular) or became inactive (left the game). We hope now, that our guild will have always 99 players or even more, and at least half of them will be active and will have those memorable, Amazing Moments in our guild!


Everyone who wants to are able to join this guild. No matter what stuff he/she has and from which country she/he are. You are always able to join if it's not full. To join it please contact Guild Master IGN (In-game Character Name) Mixiukazz, or the officers Daggerjezus, Captinthe, and Konzii. To stay in the guild is very easy. You can't be inactive more than 1 month. (If you are planning to be gone more than month, and you have a important reason like PC broken, going near sea and etc. , then please contact Mixiukazz and write your reason to him and he won't remove without a reason). Recruits and members (newbies) inactive will be removed from the guild after a week. Veterans and officers after month. You must not break the guild rules and you must read them before entering the guild.

IMPORTANT : Guild Rules

1. Don't spam in the guild chat.

2. Don't advertise other guilds, don't reccomend other guilds.

3. Don't beg anywhere u are, because our guild don't like such players and they will be removed from our guild very fast.

4. If u need some help (in example: died, too hard alone, bored to play alone, no players joining) while u are alone playing, don't send invites to the whole online people from the guild, because they can be busy, or just tired. In this case please ask somebody in the guild chat to join, to help you. If somebody agrees to help, then send him an invite.

5. Be friendly, active, polite, respectful to all players. Try to help others guildmates.

6. Donations for the guild treasury are not mandatory, but they are appreciated.

7. Try to give some ideas about guild events. Don't be mad, if guild events price or award is too low for u or not interesting.

8. Don't ignore Officers and Guild Masters messages.

9. Officers and Veterans must ask Guild Master if they are going to move something in the guild hall, buy something in it, change something, in example room name. U need to get agreement from the Guild Master.

10. Officers must know, when they are inviting new people to the guild, that they supossed to explain them how to write to the all guild (need to type /g), and also they must show

for them this wiki page, because of rules and events etc. Also don't forget, if u inviting somebody new to the guild, please promote him to the his current rank by checking what

stuff he/she has.

11. Officers must take care of guildmates, look at current progress of a player and by doing this they must give her/him appropriate rank in the guild

12. Be careful with changing the guilds message. Nonsense message will be removed and u will be probably demoted. For the first time u will get a message with the warning.

13. If u saw, that someone is breaking the rules, please contact Guild Master. If u have some ideas, u something want from the guild, something u don't like, please contact Guild Master.

14. Have fun in this guild!

If a guild member breakes, vioaltes any of these rules, Guild Master and Officers will discuss your condition in this guild, and probably u will be for the first time warned if not removed.

NOTE: It's possible, that the rules may be changed or new added during the games/guilds/humans life time.

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About Guild Promotions

Recruit 0-1* gear

Member 2* gear

Veteran 3-4* gear

Officer 5* gear with Guild Masters permission, also Officer must know rules (Officers rules mentioned in general rules from 9 point till 13, also don't forget other points lol)

Future plans: Guild Master by now its only one, but there is an idea to make more, who are very long in the guild and are active, who made very a lot for the guilds development.

NOTE: In gear should include same star armor, helmet, shield, and two weapons.

About Events

Right now we have two events. One of them is called "beginners going on vana run". As title says, we (Officers, Guild Master) are going on the vana run and inviting one of the newbies, or member, who has weak gear like 1-3* or even 4*. He collects with us from the run cash. The best rookie of the two weeks or of the month will be awarded with extra cash and 5* random material. Sometimes even with a weapon. Committee (Officers, Guild Master) will put after the run marks from 0 to 10. When only 2 organizers will play, they marks will put from 0 to 15, and when the only one organizer he/she will put from 0 to 30. The best marks player received will win. On the run player can do what he wants (only of course not disturbing for the party members) , in example dance, troll, tell jokes, die and etc. He can be not skilled player, it not depends if he plays badly or good.

The second is called "guess first". Veteran, Officer or Guild Master asks in the guild hall questions and the others are trying to answer or guess. First who guesses or answers will be awarded with some cash or materials (sometimes even weapon). Depends from the organizer.

U have some more ideas about the events? Please contact Officers or Guild Master.

This past two weeks "beginners going on vana run" marks of the following players:
Participants (newbies) ↓ \ Committee (organizers) → Mixiukazz (Guild Master) Daggerjezus (Officer) Captinthe (Officer) Yakuzaxpl (Officer) Alzheimer Total (max30)
Graruk 8 6 7.5 - - 21.5 / 30
Flash-havock 8.5 10.5 wasn't playing - - 19 / 30
Taika-Sieni 4 3.5 1.5 - - 9 / 30
Konzii - 10 12 - - 22 / 30
Gneralnick 6 - wasn't playing 5 - 11 / 30
Staslev 8 - wasn't playing 12 - 20 / 30
Manse-Gaming 9 - 13 wasn't playing - 22 / 30
Novadrago 11 - 11.5 wasn't playing - 22.5 / 30
Naxus-Sempai 11 - - wasn't playing 12 23 / 30
Kimolpl 4 - - 7 6 17 / 30

And the winner of the (2013 July 16-31days) event is Naxus-Sempai! With 23/30 mark. Congratz! Also I decided to award 2nd placed player with nick: Novadrago (mark 21.5/30). Enjoy your awards!

Our Members

Questions frequently asked:

  • How old are you?
  • What country are you from?
  • What do people call you in the game?
  • When did you join this guild?
  • When did you start playing Spiral Knights?
  • Why did you start playing this game? Who recommended it? where did u find it?
  • Whose your favourite boss?
  • Can you solo all arcade bosses?
  • Whats your favourite weapon?
  • What other games do you play?
  • Do you have wings, or aura? If yes, then what?
  • Have you ever been on the SL (shadow lair) run? If no, do you want to go there?
  • How long did it take you to get full 5* gear? (which includes 2 weapons 5*, armor, helm and shield 5*)
  • Have you ever spent any money on this game? (I mean real money)
  • Whats your favourite phrase?
  • What pet (battle sprite) do u chosen?
  • How you called your pet?
  • Tell something about yourself.

Guild Master



  • Jagged-Blade
  • Waiv
  • Staslev
  • Fudabuu
  • Gold-Styn
  • Kodeni
  • Edgar-The-Dragon
  • Andris-The-Dragon
  • Novadrago
  • Angeloidz
  • Muxp
  • Koytkos
  • Lord-Gathron
  • Qweffor
  • Begimots
  • Icxx
  • Kainer
  • Jogurtelis
  • Dyondekat
  • Floating-Unicorn
  • Pioner-Romanenko
  • Tbeest
  • Netzach
  • Deathknightzz
  • Sos-pl
  • Superkobasa
  • Rambojumbo
  • Akryloth
  • Lickemannen
  • Themegahead
  • Grimyface
  • Rieend

Memorable guild members (mostly officers), who left our guild:

  • Dankes
  • Azoller
  • Exsaw

P.S. English is not my native language, so there can be seen mistakes. Sorry about my grammar and mistakes.

                                                                       With love, Amazing Moments
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