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Live with no Boundaries

Guild Founder: Twiggmister
Approx. Population: 90+
Guild Master(s):
  • Twiggmister
  • Gravidon
Guild Officer(s):
  • Mephro
  • Katocodeg
  • Geoke

Guild Masters, Officers, and Members of Anarchy welcomes you to our page. Any questions, comments, concerns with our wiki page? Contact Twiggmister in-game through mail.

About Us

Anarchy is a standard Guild. Whether it involves giving advice to other members, or forming a party at the clockworks. Anarchy represents an image of what a standard guild should operate. Every member in Anarchy play a role in the guild; whether it may be giving tips/advice or being a member needing help or support. Members of Anarchy address any manner that portrays in a general guild.

Regardless of the name of the Guild; there is no real "Anarchist" influence of any level or term. The name was originally brought for the meaning of "no order." As much as that meaning now contradicts to the operation of the guild itself, Anarchy still operates in ways where certain boundaries don't exist in it's vision. Many examples such as those can be shown; one example could be by helping members seek certain items/recipes from Basil without the obstacle of accessing the Clockworks and use precious Energy. Another example is using another member's known recipe to craft a certain item without the need to purchase the recipe; especially if the recipe is planned to only be used once.


Once a "experimental guild" project, Anarchy began by a movement of a small group of members which sought ways to bypass Energy costs by using the resources given to them by the game itself. Most of the members are now inactive and left the guild but only the Founder stayed.

Having only one member in Anarchy, the Founder began seeking new recruits to establish Anarchy as a general guild. After a few months of promoting a few members into Officers to help seek out new potential recruits, Anarchy created a strong foundation with a successful increase of active members. This achievement became possible from the effort from both the Guild Master and Officers of Anarchy. Their commitment towards the guild and the members themselves, created what Anarchy is known today.

Guild Operation

Anarchy operates like what a general guild should. A proper Ranking System is monitored in Anarchy, for more info about Ranking check the Ranking System box below; this system is structured to keep members and the guild itself in a stable manner.

Anarchy also monitors on members' activeness regarding the guild itself. A member can be active in Spiral Knights but a member inactive with the guild itself should not be considered a member at all. There is no real strict commitment level with the guild Anarchy, but having little or absolutely no involvement deserves no membership at all.

Just like many guilds, Anarchy carries a set of its own rules or guidelines to follow. More info in guild rules in the recruitment section. Failure to abide them will lead to Discipline/Corrections. More info on Discipline/Corrections at the Recruitment Section.

As much as the guild Anarchy intends to operate in a fun and mature manner, some rules and guidelines must occur to keep the guild in a healthy state. If ever a scenario should occur when a member feels they have been mistreated or misunderstood by any member with authority, they should contact the Head Guild Master: Twiggmister about their issue in a appropriate and mature manner.

Guild Events

NOTE: ** Anarchy currently hosts guild events only on special occasions due new officer management. This manner will soon change to a monthly schedule once planning is completed. **

Anarchy hosts guild events to keep its members active within the guild itself. Guild Events can operate in different manners. Manners can vary to Recruiting Events, Boss Hunt Races, or even Mystery Hunt games! Events come with a prize for both the winner and runner up of the event. The prizes for each event are carefully chosen to match the difficulty of the event. For more information about Guild Events, check out the Bulletin Board Section or contact the Guild Master: Twiggmister by in-game mail.


Joining Anarchy can be done by contacting any Officer or Guild Master in the guild via in-game mail with the application below. Be sure to read the rules/regulations and guild operation before applying!

Rules and Regulations

Most and all Guilds should have basic Rules and Regulations. Every member of Anarchy should follow these appropriate guidelines.


Recruitment Status: Moderate

Anarchy is accepting a few more members! To join, fill out the following application, then copy all questions and answers and mail directly to Twiggmister in-game with the subject name of "Guild Invite Request."

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