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And Pals
File:GuildLogo-And Pals.png

It's no fun to play alone, gets some friends And Pals.

Guild Founder: RandomTShirt
Approx. Population: 4
Guild Master(s):
  • RandomTShirt
Guild Officer(s):
  • HuzzoMike
  • Galunoth
  • InsectMeister

A group of casual players who join together to have a good time and advance in the game

Here's a list of your Pals

Rank Description and Requirements will be set up as this, Subjected to change with guild's standing, exceptions allowed.

Acquaintance(Recruit):Rank you join with, also could be possible demotion.

Requirements:Joining guild, being demoted.

Pal(Member):A full member of our guild, participates actively.

Requirements:Has a member of the guild for decent length of time, 3 star standing.

Buddy(Veteran): The Elite members, Encourages guild activity, plays well with others.

Requirements:Has been a member for a good time, Actively helping or playing. Must be Tier 3

True Friend(Officer):Outstanding member of the Pals community, Encourages guild growth, activity and fellowship.

Requirements:Will be decided by fellow officers and guild master, No rank needed.

To join just contact an officer and above. Looking for friendly people. Preferably people who are Tier 2+.

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