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Aquilo Divinus
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First Blood revisited

Guild Founder: Pycossis, Zalden
Approx. Population: ---

Guild Summary

Aquilo Divinus is a very fun and active guild that is currently holding almost daily contests to see witch knight has the bragging rights. We have a great group of fun loving players but are always looking to have other like-minded individuals join our unique and active community.

In general, Aquilo Divinus...

  • Is a active and fun community guild where members can play, socialize and chat about Spiral Knights
  • We do a variety of runs, including all the bosses and shadow lairs, help each other out with clearing clockworks , we also do T3 basil runs to obtain recipes for members, we also do guild PvP for fun, as well as answering questions with our combined SK knowledge/experience on topics in-game or off
  • We will not force or harass members to play or to do anything unless they want to

All in all, we believe people play games to have fun. So here at Aquilo Divinus, we don't take things too seriously...BUT, we still enjoy having an order and can get stuff done to provide a fun and a worthwhile experience for all.

Furthermore, Aquilo Divinus is a guild that lives for active members who like to take the initiative to make the guild and its experience a good one - the GMs are on quite often and play all just like everyone else (there is no up ream power but a natural order is kept. Members may not be up to play all the time and we respect that, but when members are up to play, you know they would be good for it

Guild Members


  • The ranking system is determined by a number of factors, including the time spent in the guild, Attitude (important we respect each other here), and your skills as a PvP player.

Promotion system:

  • recruits: are well recruits
  • members: prove that the person has been with us for at least 1 week (cake)
  • veterans-(this is where it gets hard) 2 week in the guild, full 5* gear, and he/she will be tested in lockdown
  • Officer- we have a set amount of officers so if u are in the guild for 3 weeks at least and have become a veteran the guild will vote you in if one leaves
  • Guild master- well good luck being that

(please not that this list of members might not be up-to-date)

How to Join

If you would like to join our guild please contact myself (Pycossis) or any other officer/ Guild Masters


  • Be at-least 4*
  • Have a fun loving nature
  • Ask first
  • at least attempt to play lockdown

simple really.

Guild Rules

You must:

  • not use mist well or guild treasury without consulting a GM
  • be nice to all players
  • don't abuse the storage system
  • play some LockDown once in a while
  • engage in the guilds discussions sometimes
  • have a lil' fun

hmm what else :^l

  • don't be to serious but also remember not to offend any players
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