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Hey hey, yes Arcane Titans has been founded by player(s) Zivo, Ganloth, Eatsumtacozz and Zetakiller. This guild was founded on 17th June 2011(Ganloth's birthday) We're a more casual guild and proud to say so ;). That doesn't mean we're lazy, we do Jelly King(JK) atleast three times a week or maybe even more(you can do it on your own if you like).

The list beneath this awkward sentence are the rules which you MUST follow: MUST wear your magic hood(the guild masters will buy it for you, usually Ganloth) 2.NO SWEARING 3.Chillax bro, don't frustrate yourself(follow this rule if you like) 4.NO BEGGING(if you want something, like energy just ask someone for it kindly) 5.Yeah we do BROMANCE in public >:D 6.Don't ask Eatsumtacozz for tacozz because he is ALLWAYS IN THE TOILET.

Eh, we keep the world cradle safe by:

Stopping tacozz from FEEDING people with his spagetti tacozz which somehow have the strength to basically put your character to sleep :O(Don't eat them, He's a terrible cook) Chasing Ganloth around the fountain because he NEVER wears underwear.

Guild Masters: Ganloth Zivo Eatsumtacozz Zetakiller

Officers: Nyuls Seebackside UltimateSpirit

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