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'Flores volant? in this guild, anything can happen.'

Guild Founder: Kingerly
Approx. Population: 20something...
Guild Master(s):
  • Kingerly has left. If you wish to chat with her, send her a messege.

~Kingerly~ "Don't forget your shield!"''

~Solotron~ "I eat nom nom. Me gusta...NO Me Gusta!"

~Rogerick~ "Sorry for party rocking."

~Flocci~ "It's is not the spiral knight who should fear the clockworks but the clockworks should fear the brave knights."

No Information....

If you want to join PM any of the Guild Masters or the Officers. we rank by tier and bosses you have beaten.

4* - 5* :Officer (Kill Roarmulus Twins) 2* - 3* :Veteran (Kill Jelly King) 1* - 2* :Members (most kill Snarby)

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