Arcknights of Dawn (Guild)

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Arcknights Of Dawn
File:GuildLogo-Arcknights Of Dawn.png

We are the bringers of a new dawn.

Guild Founder: Miacat and Rex-Raptor
Approx. Population: Actively accepting members.
Guild Master(s):
  • Miacat
  • Rex-Raptor
Guild Officer(s):
  • Lastinggods (ArcOfficer)


Arcknights Of Dawn is a guild pulled together to make friends and fight the evil of Clockworks with their newly found guild members.


  • Have fun with members and non-members.
  • Help each other out to learn and build a stronger guild.
  • Explore readily and barely with members.


To join you just have to ask an Master or Officer listed. Please do not feel scared and do not be a stranger. We are all friendly people :).


  1. Please no spamming in Guild Chat.
  2. Please don't be rude to other Guild Members including Recruits.
  3. Help each other to the best of your ability, Learn and teach each other.
  4. Loot is shared when you are in a party each other, please do not fight over it.
  5. No begging, Leaching, Scamming, Spamming, Exploiting others or acting A Fool.


Don't be scared to ask your other Guild Members for recipes, items, and such. But don't ask unless you need it. Don't ask constantly to the point of begging. This guild is about sharing and growing together.


This is the order of promotions and how you will move up the guild's ranking and what you will be required to do to achieve the rankings. Currently standing, most members can move up rank for being a good standing member, or known as following the rules, and being active and kind.


All will start as a Recruit. Recruits will need to prove that they are active and can follow rules and be respectful.


Members will be players who are in a good standing membership with the guild and is helpful and active. When a Recruit stays a good standing active member for 1 Week they will be promoted to a Member.


Veterans will be players who are in a good standing membership with the guild and will be expected to be helpful and knowledgeable. Veterans are expected to be harder working and will be privileged to help make decisions within the guild. Veterans will be like Council members. To become a Veteran you must be a good standing active member of the guild for at least 1 month. This includes no warnings.


Officers will be expected to add people to the guild and to help and answer players questions. Most of the guild members will report to the Officers. Officers will have the highest expectation from the guild masters to be a role model and helpful to the players. There will be 4-6 Officers at one time. There will be two types of Officers. ArcOfficers and Normal Officers. ArcOfficers will be considered one Promotion Higher. If an Officer makes a mistake they will be demoted to a Veteran till further notice, This includes ArcOfficers.

To Become an Officer

To become an Officer you must prove you are Hard Working, Helpful, Active, Patient and Kind. You will be ASKED to become an Officer by a Guild Master. You may let people know you are interested in becoming an Officer. But if you continue to pester, it will guarantee that you will NOT be one. Actions speak louder then words.

Officer Rules
  • You will only be allowed to add players as long as there is proper notification to Guild Master.
  • You may issue warnings or Demotion as punishment on the spot. Later please notify A Master.
  • No promotion over Veteran.
  • No kicking from Guild UNLESS they are being unruly. Later please notify A Master.
  • Do not abuse your power.
  • Do not pretend you are better then anyone else in the guild.

Guild Master

The Guild Master will make decisions to help better the guild. Never be afraid to ask the Guild Master(s) for help. There will be 2 Guild Masters in charge of the Guild at all times. They are meant to be helpful to the guild and can and will do anything possible to help their members.


If you are repeatedly reported to Masters or Officers as a nuisance or breaking the guild rules, the following punishments will be brought upon you, based off the three strike you are out rule.

  1. A Warning from an Officer or Guild Master.
  2. Demotion of Rank to Recruit.
  3. Being kicked out of the Guild. You may join if you proven to be done acting A Fool.
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