Assassin Runners (Guild)

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Assassin Runners
GuildLogo-Assassin Runners.png

Those that call themselves pro, get killed. Those that don't get killed are pro.

Guild Founder: Stith
Approx. Population: +40
Guild Master(s):
  • Stith
  • Lady-Grey
  • Lolighost
  • Xiflex
Guild Officer(s):
  • Kidfable
  • Mcerne
  • Peiniar
  • Leorro

Who Are We?

We're friendly folks that have been around for a while and value hard work, friendship, and valor. We pride ourselves in being the ones you call on when you need help with a mission, a boss run, or just advice in general. We don't do guild PvP, but we focus on Shadow Lairs and boss runs - and making them enjoyable.

How to Join?

It's simple, If you see any Assasin Runners member, tell them that you would like to join and they will pass the message to a Veteran, Officer, or Guild Master. Another way is to compose a mail message to either "Stith" or "Lolighost".

You will be invited to be a guest, to be a pernament member, you will need to take a test within the next two weeks. Please keep in mind that we are not just looking to see that you know how to play, but also your attitude.

If we recieve any complaints, we will give a warning; if we get any more complaints, you will be kicked.

If you leave and wish to come back, it will be harder for you to rank up in the guild.



- 4 Star

- Active

- Roarmulus Twins Test (Max 2 Deaths)


- 5 Star

- Remains Active

- Decent Combat Skill

- No Negative Feedback

- At Least Rank 8-2

- Normal FSC Test (Max 2 Deaths)

Officer (Max 10)

- 5 Star

- Remains Active

- Special FSC Test with a GM (Max 3 Deaths)

- No Complaints

- All missions completed (not including OCH)

- Must be voted by existing officer(s) and GM(s)

- Must be in with the guild for at least 1-2 Months

Guild Master (Max 3)

- Willing to help others

- Skillful in the art of derping around in the training hall

- Can kill things and parkour away


- If inactive for a month, you will be demoted

- If inactive for 2 months, you will be kicked (unless you message a GM that you are busy)

- If active after being inactive, can be promoted again

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