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Welcome to The Astral Alliance Guild's page
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:: Sign up!
  • The head Guild Master is Tirexy, you can talk to him in-game, or visit his page here.

  • To sign up, go to the Guild site and click 'register', your application will be processed asap and an invitation will be sent to you in-game.

  • Any Guild Member may want to invite you, so just ask!

About the Guild

The Astral Alliance Guild was founded by Ironvalkyr with the help of Dagunner, Da-Bomber, and Catoninetails. We would like to be a large guild, so invite all your friends! Ironvalkyr has been banned, so tirexy will take over as head guild master

No Swearing, Annoying people, spamming, or anything to give the guild a bad name.

Recruitment Info

You can go to the website to sign up. We are looking for dedicated players, no swearing, and no spamming the forums or be annoying to give the Guild a bad name or anything. You can join if you are an active-ish player, and is preferable (but not essential) that you sign up to our forums and website.

Ranking Information

Guild rankings are as follows:

  • recruit - those who do not have at least one 4-star equip
  • member - those who have at least one 4-star equip
  • veteran - those who have proven themselves as skilful and able in dungeons and can use a shield well. And have reached tier 3.
  • officer - those who have reached tier 3, and are extremely skilful in dungeons and are dedicated players.

(Note sometimes you may be made an officer even if you haven't reached tier 3)

  • Guild masters are the few people who helped found the guild.

Guild Website

Astral Alliance Guild Home

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