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Active Guild Masters
  • DummyMummy
  • Blazzberry
  • Taimaos
Guild Created: October 06, 2011
Population Estimate 100~

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You may apply or look into this guild at Aurora's recruitment page at

Rules of the Guild: (every recruit, member, veteran, officer, and guild master is expected to follow these)
  • Fulfill the requirements That means be mature, be active, follow the Code of Conduct listed below and always be here to have a good time! C:
  • Be honorable Don't talk trash, be useless in a party, beg, spam, hate, troll, etc etc. As a member you'll be the face of our guild to Haven, and we want you to be a good representation of what we stand for.
  • Help guildmates We're all one big team, and sometimes the little boost you can offer a guildie can help them get to that higher place. #totallynotcheesyatall
  • Learn Relationships are advanced by mutual teaching, and we (hopefully) have just as much to teach you as you can teach us, whether it be about Spiral Knights, life in general, or even some random 'gremlin chatter.' It's a win-win situation.
  • Have fun Simple as that.
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What we provide:
  • Clockwork Runs
  • Boss Runs
  • Shadow Lair help
  • Mission Help
  • ( if enough willing persons) Casual Guild vs Guild Lockdown and Blast Network
  • Aurora Skype IM and Call Group
:Guild Events

As of right now, we do not have events as often as we used to. Having lost some dedicated event hosts during our time here, we rarely have a consistent day. I am planning on holding challenges in the future- Ankokuflare

:Steam, Skype, and Mumble
  • We do have a Steam group, you can add Valene (Steam IGN: Ankokuflare) and we will add you to the group.
  • As for the Skype group, please contact Ankokuflare if you would like to join the voice chat group or normal chat group.
  • We also have have a mumble server for quick and clear voice chat, the instructions and information is found within the forums.
:Guild Hall Donations
We are currently placing funding on both the upkeep and trophies. :
Furniture-Energy Well icon.png
  1. Normally we have enough funding for upkeep, so we don't force a fee. It is recommend that you contribute for the guild hall to flourish.

Code of Conduct

  1. Be mature in guild chat. This means no begging, spamming, scamming, personal attacks, nagging, etc. Essentially, be polite. Members should also obey these rules in all chat modes, simply as a common courtesy.
  2. When on excursions in the Clockworks, abide by these guidelines:
  • Ask before joining the run of another guild member, as said guild member may have been reserving those spots. Conversely, players who are on runs and reserve slots should lock the party if possible to prevent an accidental join.
  • If you have any free spots on boss runs or at arenas, ask guildies if they want to join! Be sure to specify the kind of run.
  • Do not try to kill or otherwise troll party members to steal their heat or otherwise harass them.
  • If you are going to be AFK for quite some time and wish to remain on your run, die so as not to hold up party members. If a party member does this, remain on the floor so that they will still receive heat from the level when the return unless they say otherwise.
  • If a party member says that they will be gone for a short time (such as for a bathroom break, or crafting something quickly in Haven), wait for them to return before continuing on or kicking them from the party.
  • Do not invite guildmates without first explaining where you are inviting them! Send invites only to those guildmates who respond back saying they will help, and tell them whether you need help, want party members, are going on a boss run, etc.
  • When passing Basil, announce all recipes you don't need over guildchat, to see if someone else has a use for them. If so, arrange a deal to purchase. If you are on the receiving end of the recipe, a small courtesy tip or at least a cover on the cost of mail is a nice thing to include.
  • If more than three people wish to join a run (say, JK), it is possible to split the party at terminal by having one person go solo and descend a depth to remove joining restrictions. In such cases, determine parties before descending into the Clockworks or sending invites.

Most if not all of these rules are common courtesies and should be obeyed both inside and outside the guild simply to be polite, and to leave a good impression of the guild!

Ranking System

Aurora is founded upon the idea that the guild should be run by the players, and for the players. In this sense, the ranks are, to some extent, superficial: a recruit will have as much say as a veteran in the guild's affairs. Yet, we like to distinguish our long-time community members to some newer people, and thus follows:


  • Account on guild forum (Optional)
  • Be active for one to two weeks
  • General impression of activeness, good-nature, helpfulness, etc


  • Account on guild forum (Recommended)
  • Been in the guild for a while (as well as being well known by other guildies)
  • General impression of activeness, good-nature, helpfulness, maturity, etc
  • Application Optional


  • Respectful of everyone.
  • Has ability to give advice.
  • Shows potential to take up the responsibility (such as, for example, help others in need, fill in a spot for BN or LD when needed, contribute to guild fund)
  • Knows when to recruit or kick player if needed
  • Application Optional


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