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awsome team

guild masters

this guils purpose is to help 3*,4* and 5* people to be in active guild to help each other

to join you have to be 3*,4* or 5* and also be active

how to get promoted

recruit is a member that has not tested if he is active yet
member: you have to wait as recruit a weak and if you are active you become a member
veteran: you have to be 4* and active to and  aslo one more weak from the previus you becoma member in the guild to become veteran
officer: you have to help people in guild and also be 4* and acctive
rules: you have to be active cause in a weak if you havent log on you will be kicked out from the guild
also you cant be rude with other members  of the guild in that way you are kicked out too 
also lendind money  is forbiden
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