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Introduction for Battle Sprites

Battle sprites are pets which were released on July 30th, 2013. There are currently 3 Battle Sprites that exist in the game. The first 3 battle sprites which was released first is Drakon, Seraphynx and Maskeraith. Also known as the "Starter Sprites", you'll have to pick one sprite which will always be on your side.

You can obtain one by doing rank missions 2 - 2.

NOTE: You can only pick ONE starter sprite which will be permanently bound to you. You will not be able to change or unbound your sprite after picking one. So choose wisely!

Picking your starter battle sprite

Rhendon stroking a Drakon Battle Sprite

Lots of players really need help when it comes to picking a sprite. It's hard to make a decision when it comes to picking a sprite. If you have a hard time picking one, you've come to the right place!

Here are the starter sprites.


  • Fact: This sprite is perfect for players who choose to play on offense.
  • Perfect for: Close-up combat
  • Can inflict: Fire


  • Fact: Seraphynx's ray of light can do extra damage to the undead and fiend families.
  • Perfect for: Aiding, supporting your party and for those who die often.
  • Can inflict: Normal


  • Fact: Maskeraith's shadow cloak is great for sneak attacks.
  • Perfect for: Sneak attacking and poisoning.
  • Can inflict: Normal, Poison

Battle Sprite Skills

Since battle sprites can help you in combat, they have special abilities. You can upgrade those abilities when you receive skill points as your sprite levels up. Here are the abilities that each sprite has.


  • Firebolt

This ability launches a fireball which explodes within 9 blocks. This ability is unlocked when you have Drakon as your starter sprite at level 1.

  • Flame Barrier

With this ability, you can protect yourself with a barrier of flames. It gives good defence, although it'll only last for 7 seconds.

  • Firestorm

With Firestorm, you can burn everything in your path by summoning some dragon breath!


  • Ray of Light

Ray of Light is a beam of light. It deals some damage to monsters who pass through the beam. This ability is obtained once you chose Seraphynx as your starter battle sprite.

  • Heart Attack

With Heart Attack, you can enchant a group of targets. Once the targets are enchanted and are destroyed, there is a chance that they can drop hearts.

  • Angelic Aura

This ability creates a protective aura which protects you and your other party members within.


  • Caustic Quills

Caustic quills fires a series of quills at the target. For every quill the target receives, they get poisoned and take some extra damage. If you pick Maskeraith as your pet, you will have this ability unlocked.

  • Shadow Cloak

Shadow Cloak allows you to be invisible for a short time. You can be undetectable until you either use your weapon or your cloak expires.

  • Hexing Haze

Creates a miasma around you that hexes any enemy / target around you. Each hex deals heavy damage and has a timer.

Feeding and Leveling Up

Your sprite levels up as you feed your pet. Since it does, here are the mats that your sprite would prefer.

  • Drakon: Power materials
  • Seraphnyx: Divine materials
  • Maskeraith: Shadow materials

Currently, these materials can be crafted, bought or sold.

You can feed your pet any type of sprite food, but as it evolves, it'll be slower to feed your pet with a material. Here's a list on when your sprite evolves.

  • 1 star: Level 1 - 14
  • 2 star: Level 15 - 29
  • 3 star: Level 30 - 49
  • 4 star: Level 50 - 69
  • 5 star: Level 70 - 89


Perks are special abilities that your sprite can use. For example, my Maskeraith reached a new level and I've received a perk called "Healthy Boost". Healthy Boost will give # health.

In total, there are currently 26 perks that you can unlock.

For more information regarding perks, see Perks.

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