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Bear Cavalry
GuildLogo-Bear Cavalry.png

You ride the bear!

Guild Founder: Schattentag
Approx. Population: 25
Guild Master(s):
  • Agentalbedo
  • Derpdederpderp
  • Idklolwut
  • Schattentag

Basic Information

One fine day in Summer of 2011, Schattentag decided to download Spiral Knights because he saw that it was Free-to-Play on Steam. He liked the game and got three of his longtime friends to join him in the world of Cradle. After a few days they had gained clearance to Tier 2 and decided they would try to solidify their fellowship and make their presence known in the game by forming a guild.

Thus Bear Cavalry was formed.

Bear Cavalry is a casual guild for all those willing to ride a bear into battle and grind their way to legendary status. We strive to experience Spiral Knights to its fullest extent, but to do so while operating completely within its Free-to-Play limits. Bear Cavalry came into existence as its original four Guild Masters grew to understand the value of being in a party while playing Spiral Knights. This being the case, we hope to eventually form a large (but tight) community consisting of people from all skill levels in Spiral Knights, a community whose goal is to make sure everyone has fun playing Spiral Knights.

By now, some Bear Cavalry members have decided that certain paid features in Spiral Knights are indeed worth some investment. However, for the most part we still operate like Free-to-Play players in that we purchase energy using crowns instead of money, and we still value this style of play.


Here are a few statements that we would like to define the ideal Bear Cavalry member. In the future we hope that Bear Cavalry is a guild known throughout Cradle as one embodied by the best of knights. As such, we ask that all members try to embrace this definition, but we won't really force you. However, if we notice that a member is deliberately and repeatedly going against these values, the Guild Masters and Officers may consider that member's removal from Bear Cavalry.

  • We play for fun - our own fun and the fun of others. Be friendly to all Spiral Knights, not just those within the guild.
  • Work hard to play harder. If you want energy, get a party together and grind up some crowns to buy it. Patience is key!
  • Don't be rude. Try to avoid swearing, even though the system can censor it. Rather than spamming the chat system when you're bored, try engaging in some stimulating conversation with other players.

That's it! Unlike some other guilds, Bear Cavalry does not ask for eternal loyalty or constant activity. We're all here to have fun, so we don't really care whether you leave the guild or don't really want to play Spiral Knights for some reason. If you do wish to leave the guild, just let a Guild Master know so we can more easily keep track of membership.

Member Rankings

Bear Cavalry will most likely accept all into its numbers. The Guild Masters themselves are still relatively new players, but we want to provide Spiral Knights' newest members with a place to go and have fun. Of course, this doesn't mean that we won't welcome veteran players. The listing below describes how people are ranked in Bear Cavalry. Please note that the stars next to each rank are merely a visual representation of member hierarchy; they have nothing to do with each rank's equipment level.

★★★★★ Guild Master:
This ranking is currently reserved for the current Guild Masters (Agentalbedo, Derpdederpderp, Idklolwut, and Schattentag). In the future, this may change.

★★★★☆ Officer:
Outstanding members of Bear Cavalry may be considered for this position. It is reserved for members who demonstrate superior skill and who best exemplify the values that the Bear Cavalry stands for. There must be a general consensus among the Guild Masters for a Veteran to be promoted to this rank. Officers are expected to help newer members much in the same way that a Guild Master would, and may play a role in recruitment and promotion in the guild.

★★★☆☆ Veteran:
A Bear Cavalry Member who is willing and able to do higher-tier runs. After a complete run with a Guild Master, a Member can be promoted to Veteran status.

★★☆☆☆ Member:
A knight who is fully capable of wrestling a bear by himself or herself. One of the Guild Masters must witness a recruit solo (fight by oneself) the Snarbolax in order for that recruit to be promoted to a full-fledged Member (the Guild Master will be present during the fight in a non-combative role).

★☆☆☆☆ Recruit:
Anyone who has just joined Bear Cavalry.


Currently, Bear Cavalry is not actively recruiting new members. That doesn't mean we won't take people in, though. For the most part, the Guild Masters are willing to recruit anyone who asks to be part of Bear Cavalry. However, we may ask to go on a dungeon run with you just to see your style of play and to make a few other holistic judgments. It's quite simple and we're fairly open-minded, so don't be afraid to ask!

The Bear Cavalry

These are the brave soldiers who charge fearlessly into combat under the banner of the Bear Cavalry.

Guild Benefits

As a member of Bear Cavalry, you will have access to a few more things than the average Spiral Knights player.

Free/Discounted Stuff

Like we said, we want to make sure everyone has fun playing Spiral Knights. If you need some crowns, energy, materials, or even equipment, just let a Guild Master know and we may be able to provide you with something. If not, we'll still try to do whatever we can to help you out, like maybe give you a discount of some kind. Of course, stay within reason - don't go begging for something outrageous. Use your best judgment to decide what's okay to ask for.

Recipe/Request Database

Bear Cavalry members will have access to a spreadsheet detailing who owns what recipes within the guild. If you're looking for a specific item or recipe, check the database to see if any other members already have it. From there you can either set up some kind of trade with the owner, or file a request if no one else has the item in question. As we travel the Clockworks, we may come across these recipes, and if we work together we can make sure everyone gets what they need. Just tell a Guild Master to request access.

Party Members

The Guild Masters at least are fairly active, and can often be found online together. If you don't want to go it alone and want to get a party together, just contact one of us and we will most likely be happy to head into the Clockworks with you.

Guild Meetings

This is a tentative feature, but the Guild Masters may try to hold regular meetings in our Guild Hall. During these meetings, we may discuss everything from guild happenings to the party you went to last Thursday. Guild Meetings will be a way for members to hang out and get to know each other better.

As our numbers grow in the future, Bear Cavalry will surely have more to offer its members. Take the first step and join today!


  • The Bear Cavalry logo was created using the same color scheme as the Beast Family of monsters.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Schattentag does not actually know German. When he made his Spiral Knights account, the username "Shadowday" (his usual alias) was already taken, so he decided to use the German translation instead.
  • Cleverly enough, Agentalbedo's name can be read as both "Agent Albedo" and "A Gental (sic) Bedo." This clever and meaningful wordplay has been commented on by knights across Haven.
  • Agentalbedo holds the position of "De Vice" amongst the hierarchy of the Devilites; a position won in "The Devilite's Guide to Office Warfare" contest.
  • Although it may seem logical that Bear Cavalry would hold some level of rivalry with a newer guild called "Bear Knights", Schattentag has actually befriended a few of that guild's members.
  • At one point, Shirafaye left the guild just because she thought her name looked cleaner without a guild label. Soon after, she figured out that if she left the guild, she lost simple benefits such as guild chat. So she rejoined and was required to prove herself once more to gain Veteran status.

Guild Gossip (Agent Albedo's Fact Corner)

  • A popular rumor (see: truth, fact, actuality, certainty) amongst Bear Cavalry members is that founder and leader Schattentag has never actually managed to defeat the Snarbolax himself, despite his demands that others prove themselves by doing so.
  • Word has it that while Schattentag's ability to solo the Snarbolax is questionable, he managed to fight his way through an entire Tier 3 arena without even using a health the middle of his college math class.
  • There is a rumor spreading through Cradle that tells of five mysteriously identical knights, whose true origins remain a well-kept secret. These knights, known collectively as "the Boxes," have been said to be a group of synchronous artificial beings designed to unquestioningly follow their master's will. Schattentag, Idklolwut, and Magicalzechs claim to have seen the Boxes and to have even interacted with them, but not very many people believe them.
  • The Boxes are hypothesized to practice the same winter hibernation patterns as the Ursus Arctos Horriblis, or the common Grizzly Bear, as nobody has seen them in months.
  • Derpdederpderp exhibits a surprising lack of "derp" when he's playing. Embarrassingly enough his game play is usually as cool as a cucumber (though recently his playstyle has been living up to his namesake).
  • Schattentag, Idklolwut, and Shirafaye claim to have defeated Lord Vanaduke by letting him take thaw damage after being frozen by Schattentag's mighty Shivermist Buster, but nobody has any proof to provide evidence of this feat.
  • Australiumfish is invincible. Well, I suppose I should say that he is nearly invincible. Like most invincible people, he has an Achilles heel. Unfortunately for him, that Achilles heel just so happens to be Vanaduke!
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