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Benevolent Knights
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November Oscar Oscar Bravo

Guild Founder: Sorb
Approx. Population: 43
Guild Master(s):




Guild Officer(s):





We are a bunch of kind-hearted, helpful, humorous knights who play Spiral Knights just for the fun of it. We cater to the beginners and all the way up to the elite of knights!

Requirements and Rules

At Benevolent Knights, all we ask is for you to abide to 2 very simple rules:

  • 1) ABSOLUTELY no begging! We are not a charity at your disposal.
  • 2) Be kind :)

We accpet all knights of various abilities, so what are you waiting for? Apply today!


RECRUIT: No knights in our guild are considered recruits. Once you join, you automatically become a member.

MEMBER: This status if for knights that are T1 or have obtained T2 clearance.

VETERAN: This status is granted to knights who have obtained T3 clearance.

OFFICER: This status is granted to knights who have shown they are friendly, committed, and loyal to the guild as a whole.

GUILD MASTER: This solely comes down to the discretion of all three Guild Masters. Extreme officer-like qualitites must be shown to gain this status.

Bulletin Board

Weekly Lottery!

As of last week, the Benevolent Knights Guild will be hosting a guild lottery for prizes! Each winner is announced the following Saturday at 10 pm EST.

To enter: a) You have to be a member of the Benevolent Knights Guild b) Being active also helps! c) You must send an entry fee of 100 crowns. Although this fee is subject to change due to the grandiose prizes that will be available. d) You may only send in ONE entry. e) Please send/trade your entries to officer Ravenvalkyrie

This week's prize: Ash Tail Coat!

Next week's prize hint: Such a divine hit!

-Ravenvalkyrie (Online during: Everyday around 8pm EST until 11pmEST)

""Guild Runs""

This is to be updated soon! Keep posted!

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