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IES! Best guild EU is the best guild in EU.

Happy New Year!

IES! Best guild EU is the best guild in EU.

Howdy-heya! We are a charming and a (weird) nice guild. If you're from EU (not necessarily) and you're the best, then what are you waiting for?



  • Have Fun
  • Recruit more people
  • Make sure upkeep cost is paid weekly
  • Party Hard, avoid hardly partying.
  • Arrange random parties.
  • Remind Toh to update Wiki
  • Remind Toh when it's Thursday
  • Create Guild Lockdown Team (possibly)

How to join Best Guild EU?

Best Guild Eu is looking for:

  • Nice, Polite and Active players
  • Players with 3-5* equipment.
    • Mostly 5*, but 3* and 4* players who seem nice and fun.
  • People who want to have fun and party
  • Players who read (and obey) rulz.

You can ask one of our Guild Masters to join Best Guild Eu. If you meet the requirements, you will most likely get in.


Obey the rulz


You have to be atleast 13 years old to join our guild.


Be polite

  • We want nice and active players for our guild, so be nice to your guildies and others.
    • Mean people get boot easily :>

Ask first, invite then

  • Before inviting, please ask first before sending invite. Do not send invite if they can't help you at the moment.
    • Exceptions are planned event invites that everyone knows, including Candy and Cake Hunt.

One invite is enough

  • If you need help with something, be it mission, arcade run or you are just dead, one invite is enough.

If no one comes, don't spam guild chat. OK?

No begging

  • We don't tolerate begging at all. Don't ask for free Crowns, CE or Items.
    • Lending is OK, as long as you pay back.

No scamming

  • It's just a no at Scamming.

Give a good impression of us

  • We don't want to give a bad image of us to others, so don't act stupid.

Guild Chat

  • Don't start arguing with other people in Guild Chat, do it in private.
    • After all, we want to have fun
  • You can ask if anyone needs certain item you have for sell, but avoid flooding chat / constant advertising.

Guild Hall


Ask Guild Masters for a permission to edit the rooms. Some players have their own rooms so it would be nice to ask first before editing. If one wants to add more furniture to guild, they have to pay the costs themselves. Do not use money you haven't put there, because it might be put for the weekly upkeep cost.

Guild Storage

  • You may add items to the storage, but not take items without asking.
  • If there are 'free' items meant for new recruits (2-3* items), you are allowed to take only one of each weapon/armor type. It won't be fair if you take all of the items, so do not take all.

Mist Well

  • Ask before withdrawing energy from the Well, usually the one who has earlier deposited them there.
  • You may take Mist from the Mist Well without asking, IF you have put energy there. Just don't take more than you have put (CE+20% Mist).


  • All new members will be here for 1 week. After week, members with atleast 3* Battle Gear or better will be promoted to Member.
  • This is the period when we test you in our guild.


  • Members who have been in the guild for more than 1 Week, and have atleast 3* Equipment.
  • Members are allowed to arrange parties at our Guild Halls, but they have to notify our Guild Masters about them.


  • Trustful Members, who have stayed for more a month or two. Veterans are members that the Guild Masters can trust well.
  • Veterans must keep eye on other members and make sure they are nice. If there comes problems, Veterans should tell the Guild Masters about them, so the problems can be discussed.


  • Really trustful members, chosen by the Guild Masters. All of the Guild Masters must agree with a promotion to Officer.
  • Has been in our guild for about 6 months. (Not always necessary)
  • Officers are allowed to kick anyone who steals from the Guild. Discussion will be made first before decision to kick.
  • Officers are allowed to invite people to guild. Officer may have to introduce the new member to a Guild Master before sending an invite.
  • Officers may not promote others until they have the permission to. Promotions must follow the rules.

Guild Master

  • We have the cool stuff, but unfortunately we are not promoting more Guild Masters for now.
  • Guild Master has to be from Finland and/or speak fluent finnish, making communicating and arranging events easier.
  • Guild Masters have the duty to keep eye on Guild Funds.




Co-Guild Master:


Lead Officer:



51 (8.17.2013)

Guild Lockdown

Knights of Finland

Time/Date: 8.24.2013, after 18:00(GMT+2)
Info: Anyone interested in joining is welcome, recommended gear: 4-5*. Ask Zan if you're interested.

Party List!


Time/Date (GMT+2): Info:

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