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Guild Summary

'''Beyond Master'''
File:GuildLogo-Beyond Master.png

you can be a master, but are you beyond master?!

Guild Founder: waveybmc
Approx. Population: 59
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):

Barcaptain- my main man

  • Officer = zeldaxia- my recruiting officer (left)
  • Officer = demon master- the man with the plan
  • Officer = fufumaster - our shadow lairs expert
  • Officer = haloreachsilver - a close friend (if you need someone to talk to)
  • Officer = rockyhead - our pro party finder

beyond masters is a guild dedicated to finding the best of the best and helping those whom are in need of it.

When the world seems to be at its end, all masters have fallen all hope seems to be lost. never fear beyond masters is here there prepared to fight the battles you struggle to succeed in. we call upon all masters and age any skill. we take them under our wing bring them to the next level. beyond masters the masters of all masters the one thing the clockwork fears most, the one who discovered the core the ruller of the shadow lairs. the beyond masters.
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