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Beyond the Core
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Diversity, Maturity, Community

Guild Founder: Echoez
Approx. Population: 40
Guild Master(s):
  • Echoez
  • Vandergant
  • Blackheartmachine
Guild Officer(s):
  • Kosciuszko


  • The first official Guild Fashion Contest will be running this weekend, read all the details here

About Us

Beyond the Core is a guild founded in the wake of several keys members of Gunslinger Priests leaving for greener pastures, we set out to create a guild that would strive to create an inclusive and friendly community that anyone will feel welcome within. If you're looking for a guild to join but feel intimidated by guilds you shouldn't be here, we welcome players no matter their gear, skill level, age, race, gender, gender identity, or even if you're a sentient AI trying to imitate humanity. As long as you're mature and friendly you have a place within our ranks.

As a guild we frequently go dungeon diving into the Clockworks doing things like Dauntless Delver runs, all sorts of hectic messing-around amidst various depths, not to mention we go around slaying bosses and running the daily Prestige and Danger missions. Our lower tiered and skilled members will find themselves both able to progress through missions and tiers with players of their own skill and be able to look to our more skilled members for advice and assistance, where as the upper echelon of the guild will be able to look forward to weekly Shadow Lairs, guild Lockdown matches and all sorts of interesting challenge runs. As a guild we constantly aim to run all sorts of weird events, from screenshot competitions to fashion contests, we like to think that there's something for everyone here. For more extensive details regarding any of the previously listed activies, check out the Wiki Talk Page.

We have one and only one rule; be nice. We expect you to be respectful and friendly both to your fellow guild members, and other players of Spiral Knights whether in Haven, the Clockworks or the official forums. As a guild we don't tolerate mean spirited behaviour, if you're found to be behaving in a bigoted, elitist or in an otherwise hateful manner you'll find yourself expelled from our ranks immediately. That being said whilst we do not explicitly ban the use of rude language, as a guild that welcomes players of any age or minority we prefer you refrain from using offensive terms in the guild chat, you won't be outright punished for it however if people within the guild are made to feel uncomfortable because of it you will be asked to stop, and upon persistence may be removed. If you feel any member of the guild is causing a problem, message one of the Officers or Guild Masters explaining the situation, taking screenshots of the chat log is also appreciated.

If you wish to join us, post an application in our official recruiting thread or mail one of our Guild Masters in-game.

Ranking Up in the Guild Explained

Here at Beyond the Core, we do not believe in having an arbitrary set of requirements that if met, result in instantaneous promotion. Instead all rank increased are done at the discretion of Officers and Guild Masters, based on individual judgment to ensure that the people who are promoted are those that deserve to be, not those who can tick a few boxes on a list. That being said however there are some guide lines on how to get yourself promoted;

Recruit to Member

  • Recruits are promoted when they've demonstrated a desire to partake in guild runs, actively use the guild chat to socialize with their fellow members and show a commitment to helping the guild become a better place. Usually these things are silently monitored by Officers and GMs and when we feel it appropriate the promotion will be given out, although generally speaking this can be expected to take place sometime nearing the end of your first week in the guild or beginning of the second, if you get along well with other members and enjoy it here.

Member to Veteran

  • Promotion to Veteran unlike with basic Membership is something that requires a much more proactive effort and is a title that actually carries weight. Veterans are players who demonstrate skill in the Clockworks whether running basic missions or the hardest of Shadow Lairs, and are expected to be able to lead runs if the need arises. Beyond simply being skilled players however Veterans are people who are dedicated to furthering the guild, they help us pay the Guild Hall upkeep as well as contribute to the Guild Treasury frequently, they help us recruit new members and tutor out existing recruits and they even help maintain things like our Wiki Page and Youtube channel. They are the life-blood of the guild, and without them the guild would be a much worse place.

Veteran to Officer

  • An officer promotion is made under exceptional circumstances, when someone has been an asset to the guild in a way that most people never will be, they are someone that has gone above and beyond the call of order in helping establish the guild and as a result they have been awarded the most prestigious title a promotion can give you, they are to be respected and acknowledged since without them a lot of things the guild can and does do wouldn't be possible.

Guild Masters

  • There is no guideline for this, as there is no way that such a promotion may happen, outside of the event of a preexisting Guild Master stepping down from their position. This is a rank that only the people who are in essence the "heart" of the guild itself may possess, without them Beyond the Core wouldn't exist at all.

Guild Hall

This is the base of operations for a guild, it is for some people the most important part of the guild itself, and for us it is where a lot of members choose to spend their time when not in the Clockworks or in Lockdown. Naturally the Guild Hall is meant to be a place that all members can relax and enjoy, and in order to do this it needs to -over time- be expanded and decorated to make it as homely a place as possible. As I'm sure you're aware however there are a lot of complicated facets of the Guild Hall and knowing what you are and what you aren't allowed to do with is pretty integral to you being a part of the guild, so below I will explain these things in detail.


  • Before we discuss anything else, I'm sure you're all aware that Guild Halls cost crowns in order to maintain. You can check the upkeep cost at the terminal in the center of the hall, and this will naturally increase if we expand. Under our current system the price for the upkeep is split between the collective of our Veterans, Officers and Guild Masters, all of whom are obligated to contribute except under circumstances where they are actually incapable of doing so.

Guild Treasury

  • The treasury is a resource from which furnishing are purchased in order to decorate the guild and is also has we pay the upkeep. All members of the guild no matter rank can donate to it and those that do will be acknowledged and potentially rewarded for exceptional contributions. For Recruits and Members donating to this is entirely optional, however doing so makes the guild as a whole a better place.

Mist Well

  • If you've been to the Alchemy room, then you've likely already seen the [Mist Well]. For the benefit of those of you whom aren't well-informed, the Mist Well allows players to deposit crystal energy into it, that is then converted to mist with a 20% gain and any player can donate and withdraw from it. Naturally this is a very enticing prospect, however because it requires the CE contributions of members, taking from it without good cause is considered in poor taste. Now there are no explicit rules about this in place and all guild members are to act with the assumption that once you donate to the mist well that energy is now property of anyone whom wishes to take it, however we can and do make notes of whom is drawing ME when and how much they're taking out, and if you're found to be abusing the generosity of other members, you will be reprimanded. As a general guideline you should only withdraw energy from the well in order to spend on elevator fees in the Clockworks and it is considered poor taste for a single member to withdraw from it too frequently.


  • Under normal circumstances only players of Veteran status or higher can enter design mode in order to decorate the Guild Hall, however because we value the involvement of our members we periodically host "Designing Events". These periods will be announced via the Message of the Day in the guild (You see this whenever you log on) and during these events all members and participating will be temporarily given Veteran status so they may help decorate. The people who come up with the most popular designs within the guild will also be rewarded for their assistance.


  • Due to the cost of upkeep, expanding the guild hall's number of floors and rooms is something that will only be done when the guild grows and the upkeep is constantly being split to a fee that's reasonable for everyone involved. Please do not request that we expand the hall as the fact is that it's expensive and if we haven't done so already, it's because it isn't time yet.

Screenshot Gallery


For full details concerning the Youtube channel, please refer to [1]

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