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Big Family (Guild)
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We are one Family and are helping us one for all, all for one. Everyone is welcome, but we are at the moment 99% german.

Guild Founder: Dinosauer
Approx. Population: under 50


General Information about "Big Family"

Generally everyone will help you willingly. You should start asking members with same guildrank for help first, because for example officers and veterans have others targets than recruits.
Should there be bigger problems that a member from same guildrank is not able to solve, please contact an officer, guildmaster or at least the founder "Dinosauer".
Everyone can join the Big Family and will get a chance. The only thing that is important for us is to have active and friendly members.
If you want to invite a friend to the guild and you don't have the permissions for that, please contact an officer or guildmaster. They will take care for the invite then.

General Guildrules

1) Don't beg (in any way).
2) Don't talk bad about the guild
3) Don't talk about guildstuff in public. That is non of externals businesses.
4) Don't flame other players (doesn't matter from which guild).
5) Don't invite members without asking in advance. If you need help you may ask in the guildchat. Please keep in mind that officers have other targets than recruits.
6) Don't disgrace somehow else the guild or its name or members.

Special Guildrules for Guildhall and Guildstorage

In the Guildstorage you can put materials, weapons, armors and recipes.
Everybody that takes out something of it should pay something else from at least same value into it.
We will check prices according to value in auction house.
The Guildstorage is not the same as Guildtreasury!!!
So it is NOT ok to take something from the Guildstorage and pay the balance into the Guildtreasury.

How can I get promoted?

In this guild there are tests where you can get through to be promoted.
You can get through the first test 10 days after joining the guild and you have to wait every time 10 days until you are allowed to do the next test.
All tests contains a practical test and a theoretical test where you have to answer questions about the Guildrules. All tests will be only you and the auditor.

Weapons- and Armorguide

All really important weapons (Please click on the "Show"-button for details):

All really important armors (Please click on the "Show"-button for details):

All really important shields (Please click on the "Show"-button for details):

Guild Registry

Achievements, Videos and other stuff