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Bionic Knights
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"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"

Guild Founder: Xmakxx

Xrobxx (same user)

Approx. Population: approx. 25
Guild Master(s):

Xmakxx Xrobxx

Guild Officer(s):

Spirit-Sensor (Second-in-Command)

  • Patch-Icefang
  • Swerick

Guild Hall Update: Check out our new Guild Hall! Please place any Battle Stands or other furnishings you may have in a nice location. (You must first place them in the Guild Hall Treasury and then physically place them in allocation in Design Mode.) Also please place any spare crowns you might have jingling in your virtual pocket in the Guild Hall Treasury (items placed in Treasury can only be pent on Guild Hall Items, they can't be removed by other players) to help upgrade and upkeep the Guild Hall. (We're looking at getting a Mist Energy Well in the future).


Bionic Knights is the Spiral Knights guild for the Steam group, Bionic Commando's Reign. We are a group of Bionic Commando fans and their friends, family, pets, fridges etc. However, we are open to anyone we think may be a good addition to our guild. We have members joining every day. Who will be next? Will you?


If you are interested in joining, please contact either me or any of the officers and we will send you an invite if we think you will be a worthy addition to the guild. However, if you are part of our Steam group, just contact me in-game and I will invite you ASAP.


  1. Have fun and get the most out of Spiral Knights.
  2. Become the best guild in Spiral Knights.
  3. And to generally help each other.


Don't be scared to ask your other Guild Members for recipes, items, and such. Like for example myself, Xmakxx, I own a lot of recipes, and if you need something just ask, maybe I can craft it? or maybe I could get it for you.


  • Recruit- Anyone who joins.
  • Member- Must have all 2 star gear and pass quiz. Cost: 3k Crowns.
  • Veteran- Must have all 3 star gear and pass another quiz. Cos: 5k Crowns.
  • Officer- Must have all 4-5 star gear and pass another quiz and agree to Code of Conduct (Will draw up soon.) Cost: 7k Crowns NOTE: must have my approval before upgrading ANYONE to Officer.
  • Guild Master- Reserved for Xmakxx & Xrobxx.

If a player joins and wants to go direct to a higher promotion, they need only pass one quiz (the quiz for that promotion), but must pay the costs for all the promotions they're skipping.

NOTE: Funds go into Guild Hall Treasury for upgrading and upkeep of Guild Hall.


Unlike Some Guilds you may find on Cradle, Bionic Knights is easy going, but there are some rules just so that we don't feel the need to decapitate you in the middle of a boss fight...

  1. Please no spamming in Guild Chat.
  2. Please don't be rude to other Guild Members (especially Officers!).
  3. Please do not pick on the Recruits.
  4. Help your fellow guild members.
  5. Don't be greedy, in the Clockworks, everyone actually shares all the crowns and tokens, whether you know it or not.
  6. Please find out what Bionic Knights really are... (where we got the name from e.g. Bionic Commando!)
  7. Feel free to invite anyone you want!


If you break the rules or find other ways to harass other members, you will face the following punishments:

  1. Demotion of Rank,
  2. Demotion of Rank,
  3. And Demotion of Rank.
  4. Being kicked out of the Guild. You may join if you prove to be decent again.
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