Birds of Prey (Guild)

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Birds of Prey
GuildLogo-Birds of Prey.png

Birds Descend!

Guild Founder: Hephaestian
Approx. Population: 6
Guild Master(s):
  • Hephaestian
Guild Officer(s):
  • Zealfer


Birds of Prey was founded because of Hephaestian's inability to find a guild with an interesting enough name and also because of a comic book obsession with a certain comic book super-team,(See Note 1), it took him several days to raise the resources because even in the virtual world he was too lazy to do anything.

Eventually he met the now officer Zealfer (See Note 2) who lent him the last couple hundred or so crowns and started Birds of Prey.

Joining and Rank Advancement

The Guild plans on remaining small with the numbers not going passed 8, and will only accept certain people who leave an impression on the recruiter. But will accept people during certain periods in which the recruiters are in a good mood (See Note 3).

To join you must find the Guild Master Hephaestian (See Note 4) if you aare of reasonable competency and/or fun to be around.

Your Rank is decided by your Tier, Tier 1: Recruit Tier 2: Member Tier 3: Veteran

The Last two are trickier to obtain though You can become an Officer during any rank but Hepheastian and the other current officers must agree that they trust you enough to become one. Guild Master on the other hand you must only get the approval of Hephaestian (See Note 5).

Guild Master Hephaestian will help you, if he is on.


1: Do NOT harass anyone.

2: No prejudicial slurs, expletives are allowed.

3: Ask before popping into another guild member's clockworks party.


Note 1: More specifically the one with black leather biker jacket and fishnets (See Note 6)

Note 2: Coolest guy you're not.

Note 3: Mainly Hephaestian though.

Note 4: Call'em Heph, it reminds him of Hugh Hefner.

Note 5: Which is impossible unless you know him IRL.

Note 6: Yeah he's a big pervert.

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