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About Us

Hello! Welcome to the Black-Blood-Brothers! We are a user/player friendly guild, we accept T2-T3 (Mainly t3) We do pve (player vs environment) runs everyday, we do sl runs often! We also love doing pvp. You'll see most of us doing pvp or kicking Vanaduke's butt for MONEY!!! :D We do have a couple of rules!

1. Don't beg and harass players for crowns and crystal energy.

2. Do not curse (Again, we have young users)

3. Please donate at least 1-10k crowns each week. We're not saying a ton but we need some to keep up the upkeep.

4. If you're going to leave for vacation or job etc. Please inform Rocket-Launcher, Khalily, Trapprince, Princessjewels, or Dyslexic-Jeef. :)

5. Do not make any sexual jokes (We do have some young users on Spiral Knights!)

Have a fun time!!!

Guild Masters


One of the 3 Original founders of BlackBloodBrothers. Khalily's hobby is making sure that crown is left on a mission.


One of the 3 original founders of BlackBloodBrothers. TrapPrince's hobby is finding and caressing lost love puppies.


One of the 3 original founders of BlackBloodBrothers. PrincessJewels' hobby is finding and collecting cute gear.
Hey guildees!!! You can call me Princess!! I started playing this game summer of 2012 and I love it so much!! I love to give advice to new members and help them learn the game. However, I am not the best guild master to ask for help on missions!! I am more of a casual player and I'm not that good. I'd probably be more of a liability than an asset, lol. Anyways, I'm always happy to go on missions anyways!!



Pick your battles, You don't have to show up to every argument you're invited too

Guild Founder: Khalily
Approx. Population: # 70

Promotion System


To be a member you must be in the guild for 1 week, and active at least 3 of those days


To become a veteran you must be in the guild for more than a week, donated at least 1000 crowns to the treasury, AND pass the Jelly Test. You must be able to beat the 2 person Jelly King solo (Without reviving!). This feat must be witnessed by an officer or above of BlackBloodBrothers who will then report to the GuildMasters that you have passed the test. Veterans are expected to be active members of the guild. As a Veteran, one is officially a senior member and is expected to help our newer members be it with questions or missions.


To become an officer, one must not beg to become an officer. Officers must be active and a leader that most of the members know and have donated at least 5000 crowns (not all at once) to the treasury. Officers must have a good disposition and get along with our members, veterans, and guild masters. All of the Veterans responsibilities are passed on the the officer and an officer should be the role model the members look up to. Friendly and wise, officers are the people that represent the spirit of our guild and is the rank that our members should eventually strive to be. Officers share the burden of finding like minded people with potential to join the guild. To be an officer you must have the mission King of Ashes(Vanaduke). You must then request that a Guild Master accompanies you on that mission that you may prove your skill. After the mission is complete the Guild Masters will meet and decide if you can be promoted. Officers are expected to donate at least 2000 crowns a week to help with upkeep.

Guild Master

In the unfortunate event that we have lost a Guild Master, the current Masters will look at the officers and choose from them. Being a Guild Master is a HUGE responsibility so please do not beg to be one. As a guild master one must:

  • Donate at least 10K to the treasury per week
  • Be nice, fair, and liked amongst the members
  • Be willing to help the lower ranks with their missions. At least one per day.

Side Note

Of course there are ways around the promotion system. If the Guild Masters just really like you because you're a good player, active, really cool, etc. You can be promoted to a higher rank. Provided that you DO NOT BEG!

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