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Guild Founder: Eternal_Legend
Approx. Population: 13
Guild Master(s):


Guild Officer(s):



Website: [] Youtube

Welcome to the official page of the guild Black.

Welcome to the guild Black, helping our Members with the game is our mission. We are trying to be the greatest guild on Spiral Knights, and give our Members a great time.

Our Guild Hall, Auction House and Alchemy is always open to strangers!! ( Liked your visit, COME and join Black today )!!

Guild Rules:

- respect everyone

- do not curse/beg or spam

- do not cheat/hack/scam

- if you are in-active for 30days+ you will be removed from the guild

If you break any of these rules you will be officially warned, if you keep breaking the rules you will be demoted to Recruit ( you need to earn the guild's trust back if you want to be a Member again ). If you break the rules once more you will be kicked out the guild.

Guild Ranks:

Member: When you first join the guild you will automatically be promoted to Member.

Veteran: From all the Members we will choose the bests to be Veteran.

Officers: If you proved well as Veteran you will be promoted to Officer.

Guild Master: At the moment there is only one Guild Master.

Guild Rooms:

Auction Room

Alchemy Room

Sleeping Room ( Members )

Want to join?

Please contact: Eternal_Legend/Anahilation/Yuukoshima or Snekel

Guild Upkeep

To keep the guild up please donate any crowns to the Guild Treasury ( it's in the middle of the guild ).

Gallery and Video's

Gallery comming soon

[1] Youtube

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