Black Hand (Guild)

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Black Hand
GuildLogo-Black Hand.png

Unification or Death

Guild Founder: Gdaddy, Ojijo
Approx. Population: 6, but growing
Guild Master(s):
  • Ojijo
  • Unstream
Guild Officer(s):
  • None


Hi! Welcome to the Black Hand. We like to emphasize skill, maturity, and activity. We're a new growing guild that's currently looking for skilled, dedicated players to establish a strong core for the guild. We do primarily Tier 2 and Tier 3 runs with an emphasis on boss battles (and we love doing arenas too!). At this point, our guild is too small to really be able to play Blast Network and Lockdown, but as our guild grows, we definitely plan to expand in that direction.

Guild Requirements

1. We want mature players. We're primarily looking for people who are at least 15 years old, however this is not a set-in-stone rule.

2. Must be at least Tier 2 capable.

3. Must be an active player. Yes, we know, you have a life, and sometimes there are things you can't control, but you can't stay in the guild if you've quit the game.

Guild Rules

1. No begging.

2. No 1337 ch4t5p34k. Please use good grammar, proper conventions, etc. to the best of your ability.

3. Be respectful. We're all friends together in this guild. This is no place for flaming or bashing other players.

4. Do not spam invites. Ask a player before inviting them because invites can sometimes be disruptive.

5. If you're taking a break, let us know. Otherwise we will consider you inactive (offline for 2+ weeks).

Infringement of these rules results in first a warning, then a demotion. A player will be re-promoted after two weeks. Any player who is at recruit rank and gets a "demotion" will be kicked from the guild. (Therefore, being a higher rank will give you more leeway).
Inactivity (offline for 2+ weeks) results in an automatic demotion and eventual removal from the guild.

Rank System

Perks of having a higher rank:

  • Players of higher ranks can join any players of equal or lower rank without first asking, although the players of equal or lower rank have the right to ask the player to leave. Players of lower ranks may not join players of higher ranks and must ask players of higher ranks for an invite (infringement allows the player of higher rank to kick; if the player of lower rank gets annoying, it may lead to warning/demotion).
  • Officers can participate in officer chat (/o) and know the inner workings of the guild. They will also have the power to recruit, test, and promote/demote members.

Guild News

Guild Roster

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