Black Knightmares (Guild)

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Black Knightmares
File:GuildLogo-Black Knightmares.png

For honor and glory, through the blood of our enemies!

Guild Founder: Sentient-Shade, Infectedghost, Rairiku
Approx. Population: 50+

Guild Officer(s):
  • Rairiku
  • Cobburgah
  • Ardens
  • Wheatley-Toonycat
  • Glados-Toonycat

The ground will shake beneath our iron feet,

Like hordes of ready Trojans prepped for war,

Our blades are worthy tools of the elite,

And warriors all set in packs of four.

An arsenal, a smorgasbord of arms,

Our armors bear the marks of fallen foes,

Men made of metal, fur, or nature’s charms,

The walking harbingers of deathly woes.

We speak through guns, through timer bombs, through swords,

A cleaving storm of slashes, brass and haze,

With all our shields like tempered, sturdy wards,

An army waiting for the final days.

United under banners of the shades,

Black Knightmares wait with tried and polished blades.

- A poem by Sentient-Shade

About Us

Black Knightmares is a teamwork-oriented guild, slowly growing and expanding, built on the principles of friendship and trust. Started in late 2013/early 2014, the guild began as a small group of friends who had nothing better to do with their time and crowns than pool it all and see what we could do with all of it. The three original members became the co-founders, and with a bit of time and patience, we soon grew faster than we could manage. We're faced many perils of the community, namely thieves and scammers trying to sabotage us, but we're still growing strong despite it.


Only a few rules exist among the Knightmares:

1. Don't be a jerk. The simplest rule, really.

2. We do not charge for our services to wayward Knights, no matter the circumstance.

3. No begging for anything, anywhere, at any time. Promotions, crowns, Energy, and materials fall under "anything".

4. No spamming guild chat.

5. Donations are greatly encouraged, but not required. Anyone that tells you otherwise will answer to the Guild Master.

6. The public Storage will be monitored at all times. Guild members are limited to the amount of items allowed to take. This is to prevent less trustworthy people from robbing us.

7. Religions of any kind are tolerated in the guild, as long as one does not shove theirs down our throats.

8. Harassment, scamming or repeated breaking of these rules will result in expulsion from the guild.


To join the Knightmares, only a few questions must be answered to determine if a recruit is fit for the guild:

1. How often are you online and active?

2. How well would you perform in a group activity?

3. How much/often would you be able to contribute to the guild? This includes sharing ideas, donating, or participating in runs.

4. What other guilds have you joined prior to this one, and why did you leave them? (Skip if this is your first guild.)

5. Do you prefer doing runs/missions in a group or alone?

The Black Knightmares Mercenary Service

The BKMS is a recently formed mercenary division of the guild, offering its services to Haven's residents on an almost daily basis through zone and trade chat. Need help in Snarby? Royal Jelly being a royal pain? The Twins giving you trouble? Call upon us and we'll come in, swords swinging, bombs bursting and guns blazing.

Did I mention it's free?

Current active mercenaries:

- Sentient-Shade (Vanguard rank)

- Wheatley-Toonycat (Vanguard rank)

Contact Info

If you wish to join the guild, or have any question pertaining to it, it is preferable that you contact one of these active members:

1. Sentient-Shade (Guild Master/Co-founder)

2. Infectedghost (Guild Master/Co-founder)

3. Rairiku (Officer/Co-founder)

4. Ardens (Officer - Head of Public Relations)

5. Cobburgah (Officer - Head of Security)

6. Wheatley-Toonycat (Officer - Secretary)

7. Glados-Toonycat (Officer)

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