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Sun, March 2, 2014 Black Mewkats Constitution

Section 1 Legislation and Accountability

As of March 2, RqubeD and Zekrom have full executive power until later notice.

Paragraph A: Majority Rules ` When a GM poses legislation it will be put to a vote amongst GM’s where majority will rule. In the event the Head GM’s (For now, RqubeD and Lightning-Zekrom) do not agree, majority will again rule with an executive veto of the legislation. I.e. if 4/7 GM’s vote yes and the 2 Head GM’s vote no, the legislation is vetoed. In the event GM’s pass legislation, the legislation will be sent for review and voted upon by the Officers, where majority will again rule.

In the event The Officers pass legislation, the legislation will be sent to the veterans where it will again be reviewed and voted upon. If the legislation is passed it will concrete the legislation and make it legally binding as a guild statute. At this time, Only GM’s have the ability to propose, alter, or repostulate, new or failed legislation for review or and vote.

Paragraph B: Accountability

In the event a guildie takes action that is not regulated or recognized by guild statutes, Disciplinary Action will occur as advised in Section (1) Paragraph (C)

Paragraph C: Disciplinary Action in Accordance with Accountability

In the event Disciplinary Action must occur: Pending resolute action, the Guildie will be demoted one rank for a period no longer than one week, pertaining to the first offence of its kind. Multiple offences will be tried separately, resulting in consecutive punishments, and eventually expulsion from the establishment without due notice; but with proper oversight and council of the high ranking officials (I.e. the GM’s).

Furthermore, No punishment shall be given in the form of expulsion by an official other than that of a GM. If an official other than a GM expels another Guildie from the guild they shall be expelled as well, without due notice, regardless of the Guildie’s show of circumstance.

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