Blackout (Guild)

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Everything was normal, when suddenly one day a Blackout occured. A Legendary guild was born.

Guild Founder: Drakcon
Approx. Population: 100

Guild Officer(s):

Silverarc, Iamsilly, Blackfire-Pro, Sir-Faris

Guild Summary

This guild was made by its founder, Drakcon, with Doomboyasd and Dracoli. We met Exultra later on and he proved himself to be a GM. Our guild is a strong, friendly, and active. We love to do guild lockdown and there are lots of excitement in this guild!

How to Join

Please message a member in our guild.


  • Respect to anyone inside, or outside, the guild
  • Must be able to speak english
  • Must be online for at least once a week.

Any promotion (or demotion) will be made due the actions of the fellow knight. Promotions will be given, do not ask for them.

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