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This page was put up so more people will play BN. Everyone has start somewhere so we encourage you to keep playing so you can get better. Remember nothing is fun until you get good at it, so keep playing BN till you become a boss!!!!

Game Play

You blow each other up with bombs. In most maps it will be a one hit KO if you are hit by a bomb blast.

Techniques/ Tricks

Double Bombing

This technique is about placing a bomb, making it visible to the opponent, then running in a straight line and placing another bomb (not visible to opponent). The first bomb will blow up and set the second one off, causing a explosion that follows the first one. This is only useful if your bomb is beefed with blast ups.


Self explanatory if you have played any bombing game. I find that many people have a tendency to back up after placing a bomb so you can use it against them by running around them and placing your bomb.

Sticky bomb (Bug)

Sticky bomb occurs when one places a bomb right on top of another player. If he person that placed it does not get off the other person is stuck and cannot get off the bomb. It is possible for the victim to escape, however this takes a lot of effort on their part.

Chaining (aka Spamming)

Placing bombs in a line so they all blow up. One can dodge this by staying in-between the blocks or in a space away from the chaos. Take care when using this technique if repeated too many times someone can and most likely will trap you.

Death Charge

This technique uses the element of surprise, therefore do not use this more than one time on an opponent. This is when you charge forward after placing a bomb to try trapping the enemy. should the enemy see this coming he/she will just back up and trap you. You will be in less danger if the enemy has less movement speed than you.


FFA(Free For All)

SPAM, SPAM, AND MORE SPAM. the goal of this mode is to get as much kills as possible therefore keep spamming.

While spamming is good and all, do it cautiously. I've been killed many times when I was doing this because I grew careless. --AutoFire 02:41, 28 April 2013 (UTC)


The goal of this mode is to get more points than the opposing team. To do this you need to balance the kills you get from spamming and the teammates you kill from doing so. In this mode having less people on your team is better. This is because..... well lets look at it in terms of math: X would be less than 2X so replace X with number of deaths because that is what the points are, the amount of enemy team deaths, so the team with less people will die less ergo they win. (Note that we assume the skill levels are the same in this case.) VERY IMPORTANT: If you are winning then there is no point in killing the other team more. (Unless you want the rank points) If you are winning, it is best to just leave the other team alone because trying to get kills might result in team killing, especially if your teammate(s) are unskilled. In other words: when in the lead, try not to get smug, keep on your toes, and don't plant a bomb unless it can save a friend's life.


Grid Lock I and II:

In this map all players are trapped in one giant square. The favored strategy here is to use /tell someone on your team and have him or her bomb from the bottom to the top while you bomb side to side on the bottom or vice versa. This technique creates a net-like structure that will kill everyone in it once both players reach 13 blast ups. if you cannot do this then you should just spam.

Crystals I and II:

Personally I hate them, they spawn and trap me. If someone is stuck because of crystals do not free them only kill them if you can, otherwise just leave them alone and make them stay out of the game. Because of the map it is hard for spam to be effective. The crystal map allows people to reach the other side on the bottom and top of the maps spamming/ sealing off these pathways are very effective.


Like crystals if they are trapped leave them alone. You can only spam in the middle, the top left, and bottom right quadrants (effectiveness is not high cause spam locations are limited).

Rockets I and II:

Hugging the middle switch is very effective if you are on the Rocket II map but is ineffective if you are on the rocket map. The rockets only cause stun for 3 seconds but they can set off bombs if they explode in close proximity to a bomb. Take rocket shots over being blown up.


map is very much like gridlock spikes deal stun. tactic have you and a friend pick diagonal corners. this allows you to create a net that kills the other 2 corners as well as preventing friendly fire.

Two Tone

Watch the bottom. To stay safe all you have to do is not go pass the middle line. For some reason everyone spams there. occasionally you will face a spammer that spams the bottom. spamming from the bottom requires you to run fast and far most people are lazy and only spam the middle.

Stone Cross:

It is a Gridlock map but with a + thing in the middle. weakens the effectiveness of spamming. to stay safe you just need to stay in the middle of the + and be on the opposite side of the spammer. Spamming from the bottom is preferred on this map.


These are just tips. If you really want to get good, remember that practice makes perfect!

How to live a "long" time in BN:

1) Do not run all the time. This will result in no kills, and if you run sometimes this may land you in a bomb blast.

2) Think things out! Never relent, even when you "Have it in the bag."

3) Be aware that the bombs are on a timer. It's okay to stay if the bomb was just set. Running from every bomb can also make you leave a potential, albeit temporary, safe zone.

4) Have map awareness. Players on the bottom of the map are dangerous. Due to the camera angle you cannot see the bottom, so therefore it is safer to stay so you can at least see below you.

5) The movement system is not grid based like in the Bomberman games, so make sure you are in the center of your square when avoiding bombs.


If you place 13 or less bombs King Krogmo will tell you that you that your lack of fighting spirit has dishonored him and you will receive no Krogmo Coins or rank points. The 14 bombs must be individual bombs, hence if they are set off by another bomb that would not count, they have to be set off by their own timer.

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