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We come from different size, shape, and ages. But we stand together strong as the cold blizzard.

Guild Founder: Izun
Approx. Population: 94
Guild Master(s):
  • Izun
  • Mochiyu
  • Whitechocolatechip
Guild Officer(s):
  • Cyber-Overlord
  • Sullox
  • Cutie-Fruit
  • Aotr
  • Dark-Titan
  • Minato-Namakaze


>>>Welcome to Blitz. As you have just recently joined, you probably don't know much about this guild and what we do, so here are a few 'need to know' things about our guild:

> Guild Type:

  • Blitz was made to be a casual guild. We will be organizing GvG Lockdown and Blast Network games, Vanaduke runs, Jelly King runs, and also Shadow Lairs.

> Ranks:

  • GMs: Izun (Founder), Mochiyu (Leader), Whitechocolatechip (3rd in command).
  • Senior Officers: Cyber-Overlord, Minato-Namakaze, , Aotr.
  • We ask that you show respect those listed above, for they are your superiors within the guild.

> Guild Hall:

  • Our Guild Hall has not reached its full potential, therefore, we require that each player in our guild donate at least 1000-5000 crowns a day.
  • GMs and Officers will be runs of Jelly King and Vanaduke to collect crowns for our guild treasury, and you are welcome to join us you are ready to participate in either of the runs. If you are do Vanaduke or Jelly King feel free to ask us for a trial run. During a trial run, at least one GM or Officer will be with you to help you along the way. Please Contact GM Izun for more information.




We just have a few rules we would like you to cooperate with. These rules arn't very complicated and they won't endanger your enjoyment of this game, all we ask is that you respect them the best you can. Rules:

> Please don't beg. In our guild, begging is strictly forbidden because you need to learn how to earn your own Crowns/Energy. If you need help, just ask and we will do our best to help you out with what ever you require. (Helping you does not mean we are giving you what you want for free).

> No swearing. Please try your best not to swear, although GMs will turn a blind eye if you let the odd word out if you don't make a habit of it.

> If you are having a serious arguement with another member of our guild, or are being harrassed by any player outside the guild, please contact Izun, Whitechocolatechip, or Mochiyu immediately. We will not tolerate bullying either in, or out of the guild.

> Do not ask for Promotions. Our ranks above Veteran are strictly limited to 3 GMs and 8 Officers. Anyone asking promotions will be referred to this page. Continuous asking for promotions will result in a demotion.


Here is a quick summary of how the ranks work, and how to obtain them!

Recruit - Not much responsibilities. Just take your time, and decide if you like us! To become a recruit, you must be invited into the guild, or ask to join.

Member - Members are expected to start helping with the guild upkeep, and participate in guild events or talk in guild chat. To become a member, you must be an active recruit for 3 days or tell an Officer or GM that you intend to stay with us.

Veteran - Veterans expected to continue doing what they did as members, but must also help other members in need, as much as they can. Veterans are also allowed to attend guild mettings. To become a veteran, you must be an active member for 1 month, or must help the guild out enough to be noticed for your deeds.

Officer - Officers must take charge in place of a GM if there are none online. If members start requesting changes, or have any feedback, make sure to mail a guild master about it. Officers may only make changes or purchases to the guild hall with permission from a guild master. Officers are required to attend guild meetings. To become an officer, you must be a veteran, and can apply for this position when there is a spot available. You can also be promoted straight to Officer if you have been Helping out the guild Significantly - (This only applies if there is an Officer spot open).

Guild Master - Guild masters must take care of everyone in the guild. Before making any big decisions, they must talk to the other guild masters, and must always put the interests of the guild first. To become a guild master, you must be an officer, and you are chosen based on the votes of all the current guild masters.

Mail GM Mochiyu if you have any questions.

"Officer Ranks"

1- Supreme Officer-Minato-Namakaze,(Head Officer), Minato is also known as the Yellow Flash if you want to find out why play Lockdown with him and you will defiantly find out, Minato is a very trustworthy person, he loves to help other guild members so if you need help or need to do a speed run please do ask Minato-Namakaze. He is very skilled in PvP but he is also a very good PvE player. Minato will be leading all Vanaduke Boss Run's so if you would like to do a Vanaduke Boss Run Please don't hesitate to ask him, and to sum it all up Minato is a very easy going person and is nice and caring towards all players, the guild wouldn't be the same without him.

2- Lieutenant-General Officer-Aotr, Aotr is a reserved guild member, he is very kind and generous to everyone, he likes to do Danger missions. Most of all he cares deeply about the welfare of the guild, Aotr is very very skilled in PvE so if you need help or just would like to do a fast run please do speak to him, and in general he is usually very happy and is fun to do missions/runs with.

3- Colonel Officer-Dark-Titan, Dark is a very active Guild member, he does a lot of missions e.g Lord Vanaduke, Dark is also in charge of what goes on in the guild so if you would like a room or aren't sure about something please speak to him about it through pm or mail. Dark is a good PvE player and a good person to have in a party if you are in need of some assistance, Dark is also very kind and easy going. And overall Dark is a pleasure to have in the guild.

4- Major Officer-Zgonez, Zgonez is a highly active and extremely friendly guild member, He has a very nice and friendly attitude towards all players which makes him a very nice person to play with. Zgonez has been playing spiral knights for quite awhile so has a lot of experience in both PvE and PvP, Zgonez likes to have fun and most of all loves to playing spiral knights.

5- Captain Officer-Sullox, Sullox is a very helpful and kind guild member, He likes to help guild members as much as possible and loves to have fun when he play's spiral knights. He is very kind and a very easy going person. Overall he is a good PvE player and is really fun playing with him.

6- Lieutenant Officer-Cyber-Overlord, Cyber is a very kind and very helpful guild member. He has lots of experience in all types of missions, and he is alway's ready for a challenge. Cyber is nice to all players and doesn't hesitate to help any person in the guild who needs help. Overall he is a very good PvE player and alway's thoroughly enjoy's playing spiral knights.

Blitz's Motto

We come from different size, shape, and ages. But we stand together strong as the cold blizzard.


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