Blue Genesis (Guild)

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Blue Genesis
GuildLogo-Blue Genesis.png

"we're cool with whatever"~Suigettsu

Guild Founder: Suigettsu
Approx. Population: 3
Guild Master(s):
  • Suigettsu
  • wupeng
  • Elliminate
Guild Officer(s):
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Uknown

About Us

We are friendly Guild who treasure friendship, having fun, and teamwork. We are a guild that try's to support and provide help to any of our members that may need it. We love doing runs such as JK (Jelly King) and communicating with all of our members. We are a very active guild, so if any of our members need help or advice, you can always expect to find one of our Officers or Guild masters online. As long as everyone in the guild is happy Then that means we have accomplished one of the things we want to do. The other thing that we want to do is to set a example for the people in the clockworks. We want to be known not for strength or size but for our good deeds (but if we're known for those things to thats awesome!). We expect the best from our members not only in teamwork but in conduct to. Welcome to Blue Genesis..we enjoy having you^ ^


Joining this guild is simple! In order to join this you must have T3. If you have that and you want to join the guild, all you have to do is contact one of our Guild Masters or Officers and if you see a member of the Guild and they're not a Guild Master or Officer then im sure they would be glad to contact us informing that you would like to join. If no one is online and you cant find anyone from the Guild then just compose a message to a Guild Master or Officer and the next time we log on we will reply to you.


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