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Bossy Squad (Guild)
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Everyone is a boss of their own destiny.

Guild Founder: Bossylife
Approx. Population: 50+
Guild Master(s):

Bossylife & Santarna


This guild was created to create a strong group of friends to help every member development in the game. At the moment the Bossy Squad is relatively small guild and is recruiting. BSQ offers:

  • Friendly Guildmates
  • Lots of Assistance on rank missions.

Get in touch if you're interested, the only requirement is that you are an ACTIVE player.


  • No 'Begging'
  • No Disrespect
  • No Premature Promotions
  • Do Help on all Guildmates missions when you can
  • Do Be Friendly and Polite
  • Do Have endless amounts of fun :)

Ranks and Promotions

Advancement in the guild depends on your competency and attitude as a player. Other things we look at are: 1) time spent in the guild, 2) maturity in words and behavior, 3) contributions to both the guild and Spiral Knights community, 4) reputation as a player, 5) quality of your gear, 6) ability to successfully complete various missions.

Recruit – You will be a recruit for the first 2 weeks of your stay in the guild, this is so we can get to know one another.

Member – After spending 2 weeks in the guild and introduced yourself to everyone, you will be eligible for a promotion to Member. After 3 weeks in the guild, you will be eligible for promotion to Veteran.

Veteran – Players will be promoted to Veteran rank after they have met the following qualifications: 2 weeks in the guild AND at least one 5* helm, armor, shield, and two 5* weapons, the Vanguard rank (has completed all the rank prestige missions) AND have a minimum of a 10K Prestige.

Officer - Veterans who have been in the guild for a minimum of one month and have demonstrated exceptional qualities and maturity in the 6 areas above will be eligible for promotion to Officer. One of the Guild masters will approach you about possible becoming an officer, so please refrain from asking to become one. You will be someone that we have come to trust, which takes times. Promotions to Officer rank will occur infrequently, (about 1/10 veterans).

With promotion to Officer comes a few new powers and responsibilities. You can now use officer chat (/o) and you will have the power to invite players into the guild at your discretion. Although you will also have the power to remove players from our guild, that is an action that only Guild Masters will perform, and only when absolutely necessary. No one will ever be casually removed from the guild.

Officers are an integral part of managing the guild's daily activities as you work with the other leaders of the guild to carry out the vision of the guild. You will be able to offer suggestions and give input more directly and readily. You will be expected to be a role model and mentor for other members.

Guild Master – There are currently no plans to add to this rank.

A pledge from us to you ~ We understand that the longer you are in a guild, the more emotionally invested you become in it. Please try to keep a proper perspective on the game as opposed to real life. This guild is but a small part of a "game" we all play and should never be taken too seriously. As much as possible, we will strive to make this not just "our" guild but also "your" guild as well.


All guild members must pay a minimum of 1K a week, this is due to guildhall expansion fee's. Elevators have now become free so there will be no valid excuses for not paying your small contribution towards the guilds success.

Inactive Policy

The Bossy Squad runs on the policy that if you havent not been signed in for the last two weeks, you will be removed from the guild; This is because BSQ is all about active players. The only way to avoid this policy is to let a Guild Master or Officer know that you will not be on for 2 weeks due to personal/RL circumstances. If no communication has been made and you been inactive, you will be removed from the guild.

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