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Bowties Are Cool (guild)
GuildLogo-Bowties Are Cool (guild).png


Guild Founder: Clocks-Worth
Approx. Population: 17#

Guild Officer(s):
  • Ramenfrog
  • Shenanigens
Website: (optional)

Welcome to Bowties Are Cool. Proud to be dignified and matu-well fart I'm not entirely sure about either of those things but can't say I didn't try typing it.

What the heck is this?: A fancy guild where we will rule once bowtie accessories come out...and also a chill place to er...chill. Its a guild, I'm not about to type the same crap about killing Vana or dumping salt on Jelly King. We are what we are. I am however gonna give out some spankin Bios to the rulers of said guild (mainly because Ramen threatened everyone for more recognition).

Why should I join this?: If you have any form of brain activity you will realize we are sexy.

I don't like Bowties, what should I do?: I suggest researching what cool is. And maybe look for a legit redeeming value about you.

RULES AND CRAP We are a T3 guild. That means at LEAST 4*. God forbid you don't read and plead to join us at 2*. I will glove slap you. We also only accept (with few exceptions) people at the age of 16+. Don't try to trick us into thinking you are older...most of the officers/guildmasters are 20+. We can tell. No Begging cause A LANDSHARK WILL EAT YOU. Common sense. Please. I will not break up an internet fight because someone didn't like the other's opinion. If you decide to be derpy in this area I WILL remove you indefinitely.


Clocks-Worth: Affectionately called Clocky or Clocks, is silly. So silly she believes she has the power to make babies laugh inside their moms before they even hit the first Trimester. Lazy and really taking way to long to think that one sentence up.

RamenFrog: The Face-Slapper of the guild. She is short of temper and takes no nonsense...even if she breaks into victory dances at random times. Also a dying race of lesbians in Spiral Knights with enough wit and sarcasm to sink a British Talk-show.

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