Brasileiros Knights (Guild)

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Brasileiros Knights
GuildLogo-Brasileiros Knights.png

Todos os brasileiros são bem-vindos.

Guild Founder: Pistoleiro
Approx. Population: 94 (03/17/2012)
Guild Master(s):
  • Pistoleiro
Guild Officer(s):
  • Arght
  • Bruhgusmao
  • Felipeamengual
  • Sonic-Br
  • Utxe
  • Wolfbr

Welcome to Brasileiros Knights' Wiki page. We are a brazilian guild, lovers of this game. Our main activities are PvE tier-3 and Shadow Lair.

We estimulate our newbie members to evolve until reach tier-3 and participate more of our activities.


Soon Em breve


Soon Em breve


  • Officer - The Officer status is granted to responsable members, capable of recruite new members and help newbies to evolve.
  • Veteran - The Veteran status is granted to the ones who reaches 4 and 5 star equipments.
  • Member - The Member status is granted to the ones who reaches 2 and 3 star equipments.
  • Recruit - The Recruit status is given to newbie players, when they only hold 0 and 1 star equipments.



Some members of our guild promote data research to build better and most efficient strategies go fight PvE, PvP, moneymaking, UV strategies and other stuff. If you want to share your informations and data with us, we'd be happy to retribute giving access to our Researches.

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