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Brick Squad
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In BrickSquad T2 is our heart, Lockdown our soul. T3 the honest goal and T1 our training ground.

Guild Founder: Recotah
Approx. Population: 128
Guild Master(s):
  • Coolspiderman
  • Cszar
  • Dragon-Karyu
  • Pnusy
  • Simaster
Guild Officer(s):
  • Elandyr
  • Golden-Champion
  • Biccboi
  • Eviolite-Shelmet
  • Darkrival

About Brick Squad

We are a guild focused on the PvP element of Spiral Knights and wish to combat other guilds interested in a friendly fight all in good spirit.

Of course we also have a bad reputation among some of the other guilds in Spiral Knights, that much I won't deny, and some of it is even rightfully earned!

But in the end we only wish to enjoy a fun game with nice people.


We tend to search for recruits among the knights playing in random lockdown matches but it's also possible to send us a mail in SK if you can't find us in our guildhall.

Contacting us

We maintain our own little community over at

Of course we can also be reached in game as well

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