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Beat the Devil's Tattoo

Guild Founder: Gate Icon-Swarm2.png
Approx. Population: 50+ active
Gate-Moorcroft Manor.png

Made on April 10, 2012. Construction is currently in progress by friendly gremlins.


Battle Sprite Drakon Equipped.pngBattle Sprite Seraphynx Equipped.pngBattle Sprite Maskeraith Equipped.png

After Intense Flame[[1]] was rebuilt, Babyeightyone left Chawkthree in charge of Intense to create B.R.M.C.

We are an active social guild that runs primarily on the GMT-5 as well as GMT+8 time zone. Members are usually around T3, with higher ranks at end game. We do arcade runs, boss runs, speed runs - you name it, we slay it! We also have knights who do Crimson Hammer or the occasional Shadow Lair. We love making friends and helping new players! Free drinks at the bar. ;}

So what are you waiting for? Vanaduke to curtsy? Join our ranks! (Send a mail to the active members of the Neon Green Council: Aqua-Vitae, Ran-Sack, Dwighthoward, Babyeightyone)

Check out our little guild video *fun fun [[2]]


BRMC Footage

  • Shadow lair (RRT) [3]
  • Stealthy's Vanaduke Video [4]
  • Bok's BRMC vs Ice Queen [5]
  • No Penta Noob [6]
  • Long Live BRMC [7]
  • Vavaduke[8]
  • Arkus[9]
  • Taste the FANG[10]
  • Taste the noob?[11]

What does B.R.M.C. mean? Equipment-Prismatic Dapper Combo icon.png

Make a clever acronym up and it may be added here!

Gate-Venom Fang Arena.png <span[[File:]] style="color: skyblue;">The </span> Neon Green Council Gate-Venom Fang Arena.png

Icon Map Miniboss.png <span[[File:]] style="color: skyblue;">The </span> Other Guys Icon Map Miniboss.png

Key-Shadow Key icon.png Guild Etiquette

Here are some of our guild's etiquette for the most prestigious of knights. You must be aware of our guild storage policy before getting promoted.

Gate-Treasure Vault.png Guild Storage

  • Our guild storage is home to a number of common to rare materials which are only used for crafting and or prestige supply missions.

It is not for you plunder 430 gel drops, sell them for your own, and leave the guild (not cool).

  • The guild storage is also not used for feeding your pets so get your own materials for your pets.

If you do "steal" from our guild, You will be Forced to return them or risk getting Banned.

Gate-Graveyard.png Assistance

  • If you need help please ask first before you send an invite, knights don't like it when an abrupt invite smacks their screen.
  • Do not spam the guild chat or PM massively for help. People may be too busy with their own runs to help you.
  • Do not beg constantly in the guild chat. With free play released, it is unreasonable to spam the guild chat to beg for crowns.

Gate-Clockwork-Gremlin.png 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T'

  • Respect our awesome guild members and the guild itself. Do not use foul language as it may offend some of our younger members.

Gate-Devilish Drudgery.png Commotion

  • Don't be a drama llama. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

Gate-Core.png Recruitment and Ranks

Gate-Slimey Showdown.png Requirements to join B.R.M.C. or Intense Flame are:

  • Must be an active knight
  • Of at least 3 star gear (There are exceptions)
    GuildHall-Room-Tranquil Snipe Garden icon.png
  • You must be kewl
  • No begging (you get one beg a day and you most likely won't get what you want :3)

Gate-Thunder Fist Arena.png B.R.M.C. promotes its members by their loyalty and gear. This is to make it easier for knights identify who to invite on a specific run. Think of our promotion system as how you would be promoted in a workplace!

  • Equipment-Static Flash icon.pngRecruit- Given automatically.
  • Equipment-Polaris icon.png Member- Must be a 4 star knight who has read our Guild Etiquette section and held the recruit title for at least a week.
    Gate-Throne Room.png
  • Equipment-Surge Breaker Shield icon.png Veteran- Must be a 5 star knight, frequently donates crowns to our guild treasury and held the member title for at least a week.
  • Equipment-Fang of Vog icon.png Officer- Be an outstanding and righteous knight. equipped with awe inspiring attitude, prowess, and loyalty. (don't be a dingus) or Participate in the Bulwark Run. (Closed Permanently)
  • Equipment-Spiral Pith Helm icon.png Guild Master- ..... Gate Icon-Swarm2.png..... Gate Icon-Swarm2.png

B.R.M.C. Veteran Event: The Bulwark


Gate Icon-Shock.png
Gate Icon-Fire.png
Gate Icon-Freeze.png

The bulwark is currently closed since skill is not a quality that is necessary in our officers, but we do want our officers to have at least a moderate amount of skill to aid our veterans, members, and recruits.

B.R.M.C. Gallery

A gallery of Bold Ramen Manly Cannons

Shrine of Slumber An Awesome Preview of Slooms

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