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Broken Gear
File:GuildLogo-Broken Gear.png

Helping Hands for Everyone

Guild Founder: Drake-Flame
Approx. Population: 2

We are a guild with a purpose!

Guild Summary

Broken Gear will be a guild, led by Drake-Flame and Mercurian-Soldier.

Ever been stuck in the clockworks without a helpful group? We are be a guild which fulfills the sole goal of helping groups, even ones outside of the guild!. Our members will register under one of the four classes, Swordmaster, Gunslinger, Shieldbearer, or Demo. You will go through a series of tests with groups. After initiation, you'll be held on your guild membership to respond to group requests from ANYONE. Your leaders will give you assignments. If someone asks, help them. These are the rules of our guild

If you donate, you become an officer. We are waiting for you!


CRASH! Drake-Flame's pod had just landed on the surface of cradle. The young recruit kicked the door down then ran out, taking his trusty proto-series weaponry with him. He soon discovered what was happening. He was on a planet called Cradle, which was new and dangerous. He was definitely one of the more skillful knights, but he had one problem. Lots of people he grouped with were scavengers, and not true knights. Drake-Flame had achieved the rank of knight when he made the decision. He would start his own guild, one which actually helped! One that would help everyone. He needed help. He couldn't do this job alone. Then came Mercurian-Soldier. He had helped Drake-Flame earlier, as a helpful member of a group. He would help him now. Already, the guild was starting.

Chapter 2

The guild was already 2 members, and we are trying to grow. Join now!

Soon, all will think well of the broken gear.


THANK YOU! Katmint made our page work!

If you go in a group and don't help and just grab materials, you get kicked out. Sorry, but its necessary.


You get ranked by your combat skill level plus the amount of people you have helped. On occasion, an officer or another high ranking guild member might go along with you to check your skills. It is also more than possible we might hire a person from a random guild to be an adjudicator and rank you that way. Here are the requirements.

Recruit: Help 5 people and have passed the tests.

Member: Help 10 people and have gotten adjudicated by the methods described above.

Veteran: Help 20 people and be adjudicated by the methods described above on Royal Jelly.

Officer: The GM's trusted allies. Decided by GM's.

GM: Founders have right to promote. Must be officer.


Recruit: Pass Royal Jelly.

Member: Pass a selected Danger Mission.

Veteran: Pass Lord Vanaduke with a non-helping adjudicator.

Officer and GM have same requirements as in Broken Gear.

Mercenary Work

We do help for the good of helping, but if you want to have a more effective party, we recommend you hire a member of GearHeads. We hope to make GearHeads an actual guild, but now, they are the best of the best in our guild. They can help you...but for a price. Unlike Broken Gear, They don't work for nothing. Their skills are almost unrivaled. To join or hire, contact Drake-Flame.

Rules and Regulations

No language which your mother would scold at. In other words, don't swear and be nice.

Every member must be responsible in both the guild chat and the general chat. If a Broken Gear is swearing or being stupid, contact Drake- Flame.

No sharing personal information.

We aren't interested in your second cousins baby. Try to keep your personal life out of the game. GM's and officers are expected to enforce these rules.


This is the application to join Broken Gear.

Application for Broken Gear

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