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Set the bronerboat sail for adventure!

Guild Founder: Ghostxavier
Approx. Population: 18

Guild Officer(s):
  • Phantomsoldier
  • Galstaf
  • Zamielthehunter

Founded on September 17th, 2011


In the strangest parts of Tier 2 exists a world where only a sole elevator reaches and departs. This elevator is said to be found only by the luckiest of living beings after conquering the Jelly King in the Royal Jelly Palace. Instead of the standard elevator, the path would open to a crystal elevator that departs for this rare level between the palace and the Gremlin colony. Upon reaching the bottom of the elevator's shaft, the gates would open to reveal an island of crystals surrounded by a vast ocean. This ocean seemed to differ from the rest of the clockwork in sheer size and scale, and is said to have been the once mighty ocean that gave its bounty to the three kingdoms of old. Now it sits alone, surrounding the sole island of crystals that await to be harvested. Waiting for one brave group of adventuring legends to reach.

Unfortunately this rare place was only lucky enough to get a group of glorified legend wanna-be's. But it would have to do.

That's when that group of strong spiral knights, mystified by the sight of this wondrous and rare section of the clockworks, decided to create a unit destined to sail this new found sea and unlock its secrets for the spiral order. They would return to the surface and form a guild to once more hope to be lucky enough among their many runs to find the mythical elevator and return to this great find.

And once there they would gather their group and use all their supplies to create their ship, the Bronerstorm, and set their Bronerboat sail for adventure into the unknown of this new world. Or just end up getting lost and forgotten.

And this land shall be named...Bromacia.

- True Formation -

Bromacia was formed by a bunch of league players who happened to get into Spiral Knights, mainly as a break from LoL and the Minecraft grind. We have no affiliation with the Bromacia website itself, but was an 'on-the-fly' guild name created when we found out Dai Gurren Brigade was taken. Everyone currently in Bromacia has met each other and been real life friends for years. As such, we are a very relaxed and care-free guild.


Recruiting & Leaving

Currently we are not looking to recruit anyone outside of our circle of friends, but this is changing VERY SOON.

We will be looking to recruit literally anyone into our guild that has reached at least Tier 1 clearance (aka, gotten out of the rescue camp). Simply message one of the guild masters or officers about your interest to join the guild. There's no need to give reasons why you'd be a good addition or not; we're a mix of skilled and casual players and you'll find out soon enough which members you'd prefer to go diving with.

If you wish to leave the guild, just simply message one of the officers or the guild masters about the reason you are leaving and you can be on your merry way. No permission or any of that nonsense needed. We all have our reasons for choosing what we want to do, and none of us will stop you from making this decision. We're just glad you chose to play with our tag for a given time and wish you luck and fun in your future clockwork runs.


Our only requirements are that you play the game for fun and enjoyment and don't go out of your way to cause conflict with other Spiral Knights players and fellow guild members.

Operating Hours & guidelines

Majority of the guild is east coast based, but being mostly college students, you can bet there will be some of us nocturnal players playing well into the morning hours. We even have a close friend who now lives in Hawaii, so finding fellow guild members to dive into the clockwork with should not be too much of a problem. as a standard though, we are most active member wise between the hours of 1800(6:00) - 2300(11:00) EST.

We have no guidelines on how active you must be in the guild. You could play for an hour a week for all any of us care; Sprial Knights isn't life. You simply just have to like playing the game and can casually play whenever you choose. Just be sure whenever you're interacting with other players you remember that you are representing our guild as a whole since you carry our tag, and are expected to be respectful.

If you have a problem with anyone in the guild, just simply let one of the officers or guild masters know.

Team Positions

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