Buckaroo Banzai (Guild)

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Buckaroo Banzai
GuildLogo-Buckaroo Banzai.jpg

Just to be like an extended family.

Guild Founder: Octane, The-Lady-Rayne
Approx. Population: 90+
Guild Master(s):

Mambacurial, Points, Terthadestroyer, The-Lady-Rayne, Vephomus

Website: http://buckaroobanzai.enjin.com


  • All Members are encouraged to use the Discussion Page for providing information and leaving feedback in general. (This requires you to Log In using your standard Account Name and Password, then engaging the "Edit" Tab for the "Discussion" Tab...)


"The guild was started about two months after the game was released and we can honestly say we are one of the OG guilds in the game." -Lady Rayne

Guild Rules

Basic rules of Bukaroo Banzai:

  1. Help other guildies out when you can. (We are for betterment of the guild as a whole.)
  2. No begging. (pretty self explanitory)
  3. No drama (rayne is the exception :d)
  4. Try to be active and loyal.
  5. Have fun

Guild Ranks

Guild Ranks

Guild Registry

Guild Registry

I'm praying this won't be necessary, but we're all only human...

Guild Lockdown Team

  • I have heard Purple-Paladin is a Lockdown wiz, so I would like him to provide some hints about Loadouts and Tactics...
  • We currently do not have an LD team, but any member should feel free to make one. Tell me about it and I'll add the info in here.
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