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Bunny Legacy
File:GuildLogo-Bunny Legacy.png

Motto (try to keep it < 64 characters)

Guild Founder: Simhaze & Neoheartstriker
Approx. Population: 200/200


Bunny Legacy was Founded by Simhaze and Neoheartstriker.

We mess around all the time. Though if you want to GvG in BN or LD just contact Simhaze or Iceyangel.

I'm just really bored, and just editing things for no reason. I don't even know if people look at this wiki lol but gg


Contact any of the Officers or Guild Master



The List of People in Bunny Legacy as of 7/26/2017

/=== Guild Members ===\


  • Made/Maintained by Zenithian-Alpha // Edited by Iceyangel (because why not)
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