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Butchering Laughter
File:GuildLogo-Butchering Laughter.png

Why so serious?

Guild Founder: Growlex
Approx. Population: 30
Guild Master(s):

Guild Masters

  • Growlex
  • Sun-Lock
  • Effigy
  • The-Lone-Hero
Guild Officer(s):
  • Nivakin
  • Raulfcalixto
  • Raspburry(Sun's Alt)

About us

This is a fairly new guild looking for new members and officers. The guild was started by Growlex and Co-founder Sun-lock. We are working very hard on upgrades to the guild hall, so be patient! Our numbers are growing and alot of work is being put into the guild, so we hope you enjoy and the final result is worth the wait. Our guild is a way of honoring The Joker's death and his legacy. May he rest in peace, he will be missed. But no fear! Butchering Laughter is here to continue his delirious chaos!


We like to play jokes, we like to laugh, we like to smile. We are Butchering Laughter. We slaughter monsters to our heart's content in the sake of madness. Anyone who joins the guild must have a small sense of humor, because it is what we stand for. Having fun, making fun, and with a little scent of insanity. Madness is like gravity, it only needs a little push. People need each other to survive, even the ones that are phycologically corrupt. What is good without evil? What is crazy without common? These are all valid questions, and my answer is nothing. All of them are the same answer. Why would you want to know the answer to all of these questions? Curiosity? That would be my guess, but theres no need to be serious about it. There many ways to take the world, brute force, money, but what fun is that? What would you do with the world once you had it? The fun is in between, the action, the moments you savor. Whether it be explosions, killing, or waiting for the perfect punchline, Butchering Laughter will always be loyal to that kind of thinking. Think were crazy? Why so serious?

Haha, yeah your guild is (not) a joke...

AHEM. Our guild may be funny, but its name is serious. We are working very hard on this guild and we are not ever planning on giving up on this. If you really want a committed guild, this is it. Yes, its true, we are the masters of punchlines, and take that literally. We like to excel in everything we do whether it be PvE or PvP, as long as we are stabbing something, were happy. Either way, this guild is very committed. We hope your as committed to us, as we are committed to our members.

Rules and Regulations

1. No arguments through guild chat. We want our guild to be friendly and clean.

2. Do not disrespect any of the guilds staff. Your entitled to your opinion, but please, for your own sake don't get into it with a GM or Officer.

3. Don't beg for positions... for god sakes have some respect.

4. Have a sense of humor, but don't taunt other guildies.

5. Have fun! And lets put a smile on that face!

IMPORTANT STUFF! Veterans need to put in 1k per week for upkeep. Officers need to put in 3k per week for upkeep. And GMs will put in 5k+ per week for upkeep.

What will we do for you?

Our guild can provide you with convinence of shopping in our guild hall, friendly members to meet and play with, and many other services that are useful. We always hear our members out so don't be afraid to speak up! We want our guild to not only be fancy, but friendly most of all.

Ranking up

If you want our guild to grow quicker, or just feel the need to be charitable, all donations are accepted through the command console. Donations can also get you promoted to your next rank faster, as well as doing good merits for other guildmates. Here are the rankings of the guild and how to reach them:

Recruit: Your starting rank. You must have gear of 2* or higher.

Member: Be in the guild for a day. Thats it! Gear of 2* or higher.

Veteran: Be in the guild for 3 weeks or more. Members must do good merits and donate to the guild to get to this rank, once you have proven you have been a good guildie, you will be rewarded with this rank. You must put in 1k in the guild treasury for upkeep per week. Must have mininum 3* gear and one 4* weapon.

Officer: There may only be 10 officers in the guild at a time (limit number of officers may change). You must be in the guild for 2 months minimum and have proven many times you are trustworthy and loyal to the guild. Begging for this will disqualify you. However you can apply for this position and we will interview you to see if you are suitable. You must put in 3k per week in the guild treasury for upkeep. You must have at least 4* gear.

Guild Master: Very rarley will you be promoted to this rank. Only the finest and most worthy will receive this honor, but most likely no one will ever be promoted to this rank, so don't ask.


We will have meetings once a week in the guild hall for officers. All of these meetings will be noted on the guild login message so don't forget to check it every when you login. Emergency meetings will sometimes occur if needed and will be addressed. All officers and GMs will be required to go to these meetings if you are available.

Applying for staff and Joining Info

You want to apply for a staff position in the guild, please contact one of our GMs. If you want to join our guild, contact any of our staff for an invitation. I hope we see you in the future. Safe travels my friends.

Steam Group

Our Co-Founder Sun-Lock has made a steam group. For an invite add one of the GMs steam account, some meetings and events will be notified through the steam group.


For those who have already joined the guild, here is our weekly schedule:

  • Friday: We will be doing Vana runs with the guildies! You must have at least two 4* items to participate.
  • Saturday: Upkeep is due, also weekly guild PvP is open for joining (Optional)
  • Sunday: Officer/GM Meeting in the guild hall at time that will be announced via login message.
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