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Cake Masters

We are an Fresh guild, Looking for Tons of people who like CAKE!!!. Were backed by Biscotti,herself, the number one Cake Master out there haha :D. There no requirements to join except one. Be ACTIVE.


Some Things About Our Guild

We are family oriented, Our Guild Masters have been passed down from generation to generation. Blocklad the original Guild Master passed it down to, Gheffy and Assassansubject who passed it down to, Buddyhi who passed it down to Boontakid, and he passed it down to me, Shirobara, and I passed it down to Mech-Robo(Pi-Kachu), Our current Guild Master. We have Two Officers, Kit-min, a Returning Veteran of SK, and Manlet, a New recruit with a lot of potential.


Like Every good guild you gotta have good rules.

These apply to ALL ranks not just any one specific Rank.

1. Shall not Curse or try not to

2. Shall not Create Drama**

3. Shall not do anything you think you would get in trouble for.

4. Shall Listen to ALL Senior Ranking Members

5. Shall not BEG, either in town square or in the guild hall/chat

6. Shall HAVE FUN!!! ^^

7. What Mech-Robo(Pi-Kachu) Says GOES no questions asked!

8. Punishments will NOT be suspended no matter the excuses, you know the rules, you did what you did you shall take responsibility for it.

9. Shall not ask for cr or e(ce) form anyone with in the guild, There's no elevator cost so no need to do so

    • Drama Will NOT be tolerated. AT ALL. Both parties regardless of rank will be removed from the guild immediately upon a Guild Master being notified. Begging will be dealt with in accordance to a meeting between the beggar and a third party Rep (Gm or Officer) and actions shall be taken accordance to the conclusion of the meeting


Donations are appreciated but are NOT mandatory, Except for the Veteran Promotion

We do ask that you at least have enough self respect to care for the guild that you would WANT to donate to make it a better guild hall but we CAN'T force you to donate so it is entirely up to you on whether you want to help us improve the guild hall or not.

Current Officers and Guild Masters

Senior Guild Master: Boontakid, he has power over everyone but he has little control in financial matters, as this is a entire guild matter. He handles our inactive removals, He does this once a month i believe on the first or so, anyone who has been inactive for more than 30 days is removed from the guild by him

Vice Guild Master: Shirobara(myself),I make the ultimate decisions upon Guild matters and recruiting, promotions/demotions and punishments. including removals. I also handle Inactive Removals.

Co-Vice Guild Master: Mech-Robo(Current Guild Master), He is the one and only Financial supporter without donations. He has built the guild up to what it is now with a standing record of donations upwards of 4.5 million crowns, He makes the ultimate decisions on anything Design based, after oking the major changes with guild members or myself. He makes the rules and enforces them. He is the one to listen to more than Boontakid or myself.

Officers: Kit-min and Manlet. These are our main Recruiters they handle all recruiting and do our main advertising for the guild. They are Moderators and the people the Guild masters trust when there not online.They Help Members/Veterans with design placements, and purchases, As well as doing General Upkeep of the guild.


All Recruits are promoted to Members upon the joining our guild.


To Get promoted to Veteran, you must be in the guild for at least a minimum of a month or 4 weeks,and have a Guild Master or Officer be able to verify(simply saying "hey (name) i have been in the guild a week can you promote." Is enough we just need to see it on the guild record.


To get promoted to this rank, you must be trusted, have been in the guild a min. of 1 month, of the Vanguard rank, BE ACTIVE. The other way is when We do Officer promotion round, in which we need 1 or more slots filled a max of 2. We will ask who wishes to become an officer, now simply saying "oh i want to become an officer" is not enough to guarantee you a slot as an officer, when we do Officer promotion rounds, anyone who is interested must send me(Shirobara) a mail as to how old they are in real life(usually no one under 13 will even be considered unless they have shown extreme maturity(must have maturity) with there reasons, there credibility. example: "oh i was in this guild as an officer before its name is (blank) it was (successful/unsuccessful" if unsuccessful reasons why, if not then no explanation needed.

Guild Master

This is where it gets tough. In order to become a Guild Master you must be all that a Officer is and more, The way our Guild works is that we pass our guild down from generation to generation, So Its up to the Current Guild Master, as to whether or not he will pick you as his/her successor. Thus it is nearly impossible for you to become a gm with out major contributions to the guild and to the guild master. This doesn't mean kiss butt but it means have fun playing and enjoy talking with people in the guild.

Groups, Chats, and Everything Social

All the links for full on guild chat are down below: wiki what your on now)

WE have a ts:


Password: ohana(all lower case)

Please message me in game if you are getting on the ts, as i will have to add you to our permission group and move you to the correct channel, this ts is a semi public ts for people to join and play games with others such as guild wars 2, warframe, smite, arma 3/dayz/7days to die/any other survival/zombie game. Moderators of this ts have the [FROST] tag before there names, any [Friend] can move and add permsions to there own group(so people can move there friends)

News and Events

So Dark Harvest has come and gone, and now were looking at the Winterfest Event coming up. So all those who don't have some warm clothes you should go grab some as its gonna be colder than cold in haven here in a month or so

In other news, there will be a guild hall meeting for ALL members on Dec. 1st, it is our first meeting since we got started and is MANDATORY, no excuses, but because of the date, and different time zones, the punishment for not showing is a demotion instead of a removal which will be the cause unless notified via mail/tell to one of the 8 ranking members(officers and guild masters) for future guild meetings. The way we look at it is if your not gonna show up for the important guild meeting then your not active enough to be in this guild, however as i said because of this being our first meeting and differentiating time-zones the punishment is a demotion. If not notified before hand.

Also people have been asking what we need for the guild. so here's a list of things we need:

SNARBOSTUFFING and lots of it. we cant do anything with the entrance till we get statues made.

Tons of crowns, however not necessary, MATS lots of them.

Most importantly, IDEAS this is a guild were supposed to be working together on the design and rooms, if there are any suggestions like a room full of teeth for all the "lost" teeth from eating cake(by a knight named colophon) please mail me your ideas.

This page will be edited for changes when changes occur

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